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Thread: Question for girls.

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    Default Question for girls.

    This is NOT intended to come off as sexist... I understand not all girls are like this.

    Why do you think so many girls act much more touchy-feely, bi-curious, etc. than boys, doing things such as constant hand-holding and hugging, and even going so far as to kiss other girls? I know that they're mainly experimenting with their feelings, but can anyone give me any reasons why they might be prone to do these things? Thank you.

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    it's part of sexual identity. males are trained to act one way and girls another. even if they don't want to admit it, how a person acts directaly affects how they grow. during childhood (and i'm sure many people can remember this) children go through a fase where they don't like the opposite sex (coodies). during this time, girls learn to act like the average girl does, and same with boys.

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    Yeah dude... it's not even sexual at all. My friends and I kiss and hug all the time, I've hardly met any girls at all that don't hug their hands, walk arm and arm or hold hands. Girls are just more, physical, I guess, than guys. All that stuff isn't finding your sexual identity at all, it's just something I know all the girls I know and I have done since like, grade 2 or 3.

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    Hmm...this is probably where my feminine side shows through...but to be honest..the whole hugging amongst guys things is generally practised in my group of friends..just as the girls say hello, or good bye etc. It's just a sign of affection in my opinion, and I don't mean a sexual affection, just friendly affection. It seems to more accepted amongst the younger generation in my society.
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    Stuff like kissing and that, I think that's normal and that more guys would do it if they could get away with it socially. When girls have a drunken kiss, it's 'hot', when guys kiss... it's shameful. I think that's just how it is.

    The non-sexual stuff my be similar, in that guys might want to but it's looked down on. Even when guys hug it's always seems slightly awkward, in my culture anyway.

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    It's just the way it is. We're trained to act accordingly to our gender. And of course, not all girls are touchy-feely and affectionate, but most are. That's the way society functions. Genders are like molds that people are supposed to fit into. I'm not sure how these gender stereotypes came about. Maybe it's something in the hormones of males and females that makes girls tend to be more affection, and the gender stereotype just further enhanced its effect.

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    Girls are just more, physical, I guess, than guys.
    I'm physical with girls and all that does is make them hate me, explain this now.

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    Guys have been trained to be the "tough" ones since the beginning of time. They're supposed to be into sports, hunting, being outdoors, in other words "manly" stuff. The traditional toys aimed at boys like plastic soldiers, Legos, action figures, toy guns, etc, are supposed to prepare them for the traditional manly jobs like going to war or building things. Being sensitive and showing feelings of affection for other guys doesn't really mix well with this desired manhood, so although they care for their guy buddies similar to the way girls do with their girlfriends, they know better than to show it through hugging or hand-holding. Doing so might imply homosexuality, which is the ultimate threat to manhood.

    Girls, on the other hand, are taught that it's okay to show feelings. Furthermore, most teens and young adults, male and female, experience some questions and doubt about their sexual identity. But since a guy being gay is so much more frowned on than girls, they would never do something so taboo as to kiss a guy, at least not in public. On the other hand, a girl kissing another girl is viewed as attractive by many guys.

    In some ways it's similar to the differences that exist between AB/DL girls and guys and the reactions they experience telling their significant others. Girls traditionally expect that their boyfriends should be manly, so when they're told that he likes to wear diapers and drink from a bottle it's a hard pill to swallow sometimes. On the other hand, women have traditionally been viewed as more helpless and weaker and in need of a guy to take care of them, and even though we're moving away from that many guys still enjoy feeling like they're a caregiver.

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    This is more a cultural difference than a real difference between sexes. Different countries have different ways of looking at this and don't have the same taboos about close contact between males, although they may still have big time taboos against homosexuality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    I've hardly met any girls at all that don't hug their hands, walk arm and arm or hold hands. Girls are just more, physical, I guess, than guys. All that stuff isn't finding your sexual identity at all,
    how girls hug (or hug hands as you put it), walk arm and arm, or hold hands and guyes don't is defined as sexual identity. your sexual identity is how you act based on your gender, not your sexual preferance.

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