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    So the 3 weeks Ive been learning how to juggle, and I'm attempting to get into circus Smirkus with my act and I wanted to know if anyone knew how to juggle three balls continuously because even I'm starting to get annoyed.

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    I can juggle 3 balls. What part are you having problems with?

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    If you are just starting, try scarves. I never got very far with it but they were so much easier I could feel myself getting the rhythm. When you're good with those, step up to something that falls a bit faster, like balls or anvils.

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    I did use scarves dung my first week ,but that didn't help much. I am able to juggle 3 balls one time, but, the part that im stuck with is something called the 3 ball gambit where you start and don't stop. when i move onto my third ball it always slips out my hand.

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    to help with concentration to give a bit of motivation, try it with chainsaws.
    okay, this useless post was also to keep the two threads together.

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    If only i could.
    and what two threads together ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tai View Post
    If only i could.
    and what two threads together ?
    There's a thread about chainsaws that is also in the off-topic forum. ade thought it was pretty funny that this thread about juggling and that one about chainsaws were right next to each other (they actually are right now, as well).

    What exactly do you mean when you say you 'start and don't stop'? Isn't that how you normally juggle? The only advice I could give would be to practise with balled-up socks and stand right up against a wall to make sure you're throwing up and not in front of you. Also, with juggling, you really only have two things in the air at a time. It's just that at the same time you catch one, you have to throw the other. One book I read about it said to imagine a little hoop on the side of the ball you're going to catch, and try to throw the next ball through that hoop. As for keeping it going indefinitely, I think that's just practise. ;)

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    The way I worked up to continuous juggling was by doing it with 2 balls first. You hold a ball in each hand then, starting with your right hand, throw it to the left lefthand. While the ball is in the air throw the ball in the left hand to the right hand. Then catch both balls. As soon as you catch the second ball immediately begin again, but, start by throwing the ball in your left hand.

    I found that I was weak throwing from my left hand first. Once I got to the point where my throws were identical, whichever hand I started with, 3 balls was much easier.

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