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    Today marks the one week mark since i started wearing 24/7 woohoo

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    go baby go!

    Are you going complete 24/7 (as in using them for both) or partial?

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    Just pee fornow, occasionally i mess at home.

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    I would like to attempt this, but as I said in a previous thread, my job would make it incredibly difficult :I

    But if it's making you happy and you can pull it off, awesome

    Are you going for a set amount of time or indefinitely? Had any close calls during the week? (should've asked in the previous post, but was distracted :P)

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    Good for you! I have attempted this for very short periods of time, a week or so at the most, typically while traveling. Hard for me to truly go 24/7 especially for both because of home and work issues.

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    Way to go. I might attempt this at some point, but usually stick to 'at home' use.

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