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Thread: Chainsaws!

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    Guess. That's right it's stihl. I don't really like the clutch in husqvarnas.

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    Craftsman for me

    Just don't do enough with it to justify anything more.. and it's honestly not a bad saw for the price.

    I've had a lot of luck with husqvarna for lawn mowers and trimmers.. so based purely on that I'd probably go with them ;p

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    Stihl for sure!, I worked at a Stihl dealership for several months and built my fair share of saws out of the shipping box. I still have my Dads old 1970's 031AV, and it runs like new every time I start it up to trim trees. though I will admit that they don't build em like they used to! no plastic on my saw, but the newer ones use it to save weight..... mine was built before chain brakes were invented, so I have to be extra careful and use a good pair of chainsaw chaps.....

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    Husqvarna. My dad was actually a Husqvarna dealer for a few years, and one of the events he did involved a guy that carved stuff out of big tree chunks (at least a foot in diameter). The guy carved all sorts of stuff with *drumroll* a Husqvarna, including a wolverine (for the University of Michigan fans), a bear, and a bunch of other stuff.

    I don't know if that makes Husqvarna any better than STIHL, but I was certainly impressed all the same.

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    Nither. Ripper's are best.

    Fire circular saw blades to your hearts content!

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    lol unreal tournament! that was my all time favorite UT weapon! second place goes to the bio sludge rifle.....

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    Echo! I retired from a Echo dealership 8 yrs ago. I've sold many a Echo chainsaw's and Power Pruners. I was there 15 years.

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    I was a dealer for many years and Stihl beats Huskys anytime especially on the older models. I just moved a vintage 032 for $175. Still (no pun) my all time favorite is the the little Danarm made by Quadra in the late 60s and 70s.
    BTW Craftsman never made a saw, Sears buys from the lowest bidder every few years, usually Emerson, (Poulan some are not too bad) or Roper, (real crap).

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    not bothered - i just liked how, at the time of my writing, this thread was next to a juggling thread

    and i've just gone and ruined it!

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