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Thread: King Of The Hill Cancelled

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    Default King Of The Hill Cancelled

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    So the bastards at FOX have done it again, its really really sad, it was a good witty show with good animation and a funny look at american life. It really pains me to see this amazing show of 13 seasons be replaced by "American Dad" ugghh this whole thing makes me sick! My favorite show of all time is dead : (

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    That suck, I always wanted a Beavis and Butt-Head/King of the Hill Crossover but that probably won't never happen.

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    Well it kinda did sorta, that guy driving the trailer around in the beavis in butthead movie is partialy based off of Hank Hill and he has the same voice actor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret101 View Post
    Well it kinda did sorta, that guy driving the trailer around in the beavis in butthead movie is partialy based off of Hank Hill and he has the same voice actor.
    Hank hill also had cameos throughout the series, tis why he was in the movie in the first place. Wackin in meh toolshed.

    Also, if you listen really hard, you can tell that Hank is voiced by Mike Judge, who also does Butthead.

    PS, I did however want to see Beavis and Butthead cameo in King of the Hill, but I think Judge killed them after before they (Beavis and Butthead) got the axe by MTV

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    oh man i love this show i cant beleive there gonna cancel it ima probably cry when i watch the las episode ;(

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    I never really liked King of the Hill...I didn't find it funny...I found it kind of annoying actually...I don't see how American Dad is replacing it though since it already has it's own time spot...Maybe Cleveland's show from Family Guy, will replace it

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    I watched King of the Hill for quite a few years, but then drifted away. It was kind of funny, because there for a while, Fox was the only thing to watch on Sunday night, and they were all cartoons, like The Simpsons, etc. When my wife's mother would come to visit, she would say, "Does all t.v. have one now is cartoons?" We'd laugh to ourselves. Oh well, all good things come to an end, especially on television. Usually my wife and I are the kiss of death. If we really like something, rest assured it will be canceled.

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    Ah... I haven't seen King Of The Hill in ages... I think it's only on Skyone here...

    But wow, I didn't know about this Family Guy Spinoff... Hopefully it won't be as terrible as I imagine it will be.

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    Its being replaced by the Cleveland show? Fox again makes a dumb move.

    They get rid of all of their great Sunday lineups.

    Futurama Which final new movie is out nov 4th

    Family guy- TWICE

    "Greg The Bunny" though it wasn't for everyone who couldn't put decency meters on hold.

    "Titus" with Black humor not African American humor but humor that comes from being in a $^#&ed up family. and the only way to live is to laugh at it. Nothing else has touched that with a ten foot pole.

    Firefly which wasn't given nearly as much press as their should of been. I was like what the hell cowboys in space but it really wasn't ANYTHING like that and that's how fox conveyed it to me.

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