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Thread: Whos pumped for halo 4?

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    The first game was awesome, the second game just added to the awesome. The third game ruined it for me. Still fun, but it lost the glimmer that made the first two so great. The story lost me and it felt like they had given up and were like "meh"

    From what I hear Halo 4 is supposed to be entirely different, but doubt I will buy it.

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    Played every one of them.

    I am not buying Halo 4. Here's why.

    The new look of it just doesn't seem right in comparison to the games of old. Anyone else remember how Crash Bandicoot looked like before? Ratchet and Clank? They've gone their ways that just doesn't look right anymore for the people who've played the old ones and loved them.

    So far as I can see, the direction 343i has taken makes it seem like they're putting Power Rangers+Call of Duty into a blender. The multiplayer isn't the same anymore, from what it looks like, plus they've already removed classic playlists. The new look of the Covenant is especially irking--It's obvious that the game was meant to please newer gamers in this generation, disregarding the ones from the previous one. It's changed a bit too much.

    On the plus side, MC will come back if that matters at all.

    I can imagine myself playing Campaign, but multiplayer, nah.

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    Default Re: Whos pumped for halo 4?

    Screw the game, I'm too busy watching these;

    (Second vid in next post because video linking limits)

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    Default Re: Whos pumped for halo 4?

    PART 2 PART 2 PART 2 PART 2:

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    me im getting a new xbox out of it to and got to love the forward unto dawn.

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    To be honest, i'm not that excited for Halo 4. I have played every other entry in the series except for Wars and besides, I stopped using my XBOX 360 a long time ago.

    I am impressed with the graphics of Halo 4. 343 did a good job with them. The multiplayer on the other hand just seems like a CoD clone now without a couple of concepts. (I don't intend to sound like a diehard CoD fan) I mean seriously, adding attachments to guns and what not is just unnecessary for a Halo game. All you need is just a good variety of guns, equipment, maps and game modes. Character customization is always a plus, and Halo Reach accomplished this without any major flaws. What I think, is that 343 is overdoing Halo 4 and is pushing the limits far too high, because you don't need an extremely complicated video game to have successful sales or a good community. It's been proven with many games and besides, simplicity is usually the best approach unless you know what you're doing.

    Also regarding the multiplayer, they could have at least allowed players to use Forerunners since Elites can't be used. I liked being able to switch back and forth between Spartans and Elites, and besides it's not as repetitive.

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    I personally am extremely excited about the game. I understand where everyone is coming from, but you have to look at it this way. They are taking on bringing back to life a series that bungie gave up, all the people that worked on 4 were some of the original members of bungie, as in they were some of the people that made 1 and 2. Not to mention 343 industries is all the hardcore fans of halo, they love halo, so you know it's going to be a perfect story. Probably going to exceed even the highest expectations to be honest. The multiplayer I also believe is perfect, you can say all day that it's like call of duty, but it's far from it. It's just a more intensified version of halo multiplayer, with a lot of challenges and goals, and many ways to rank up, it's what reach should have been. Comparing Halo 4 to Call of Duty is like comparing a diamond to a terd, halo 4 I think will be one of the greatest shooters ever made, but time will tell.

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    I'm looking forward to experiencing what it has to offer

    Not a die hard fan of the series and I didn't particuarly like Reach or Wars, but I enjoyed all the other entries.

    So yeah Definately looking forward to it.

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    I'm fairly excited. I have no idea what is happening with multiplayer, but the story looks fresh and interesting.

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