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    Default Extra padding

    So I was sitting here, sucking on my paci and enjoying my thickly-padded bottom, when I thought of a question: does anyone else on here add more than just one diaper to their stack?

    While I do enjoy wearing diapers, adding more layers just helps to make the diaper feel more snug. I usually add in 2 small incontinence pads into the inside of the diaper so that it adds absorbency and thickness. I have tried putting on 2 diapers, but haven't quite mastered how to make the outer diaper soak up any leaks and the like.

    Adding more layers also makes the diaper last longer, which I like to do.

    So, just thought I'd ask if anyone else on here loves to put on some extra padding and why you like to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagged View Post
    I have tried putting on 2 diapers, but haven't quite mastered how to make the outer diaper soak up any leaks and the like
    I have double up several times, but don't normally because I don't have the money to go through them 2 at a time like that :P

    To get the outer one to serve a purpose other than just adding bulk, many people will make a cut or series of cuts in the plastic backing of the inner diaper, to allow flow through to the outer one.

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    On a normal wearing I like to wear a medium abri or molicare rip open the middle of the outer layer. Then put on a large abri or molicare ripopen the middle of the outer layer then put a tena slip maxi large on.

    On a super happy fun time wearing I like to put on a Mol or abri open the middle of the outer layer then put on another medium slightly to the right and rip open the left of the outer layer. Then put on another med slightly to the left and I rip open it's right side outer layer. I then put on a large smack bang in the middle rip open t he bottom of the outer layer, then put on a tens slip maxi

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    I don't much anymore, but I used to. I would either use stuffers/doublers and/or when adding additional diapers I would make a series of small slits in the inner diapers in the plastic cover with a small scissors or pen. I found by making a bunch of small slits all of the stuffing/sap doesn't fall out into the next diaper.

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    It's pretty common for ABDLs to double/triple/quadruple up from what I've seen. It noticeably adds to the waddle factor which can be good if you're wanting to feel little. It does mean you can go longer without changing but in my experience two diapers worn one at a time will last longer than two diapers doubled up.

    To get the outer diaper to be used I tend to cut a zigzag pattern into the plastic shell of the inner diaper, but not quite joined up to prevent all the SAP falling out. You might also want to try stuffers/boosters as they can work more efficiently if sheer absorbency is what you're after.

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    Default Re: Extra padding

    I just wear plastic pants "tuffy" brand from over my Blanco. When I was little this was not unheard of as Pampers were boxy and gapped, not being good at keeping contents in by themselves.

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    Currently found a period of time in which I can put on diapers all day without getting noticed. As such, I put on my double diaper.

    I put on the 2 small incontinence pads onto the inside of the first diaper, and cut 14 slits on the cover of the inner diaper to help drain the excess pee into then outer diaper. I chose this method after some trial and error where I cut out panels of the cover last time. Needless to say...a lot of the absorbent stuff inside of the diaper got out, and it is not an incredibly pleasant site...

    Anyways, I am now sitting in my thoroughly soaked double diaper, and it is amazing. I can only walk in a waddle, and it always raises my little bottom whenever I sit down. I'll probably change out of it soon, but still enjoying it ^^

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    I've never doubled up but I'm also not that into the super super thick diapers. I kind of like a thinner cuter one~

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    Default *I have not used a SINGLE (or DOUBLED, for that matter) adult diaper in over ten years.

    I love the feel, capacity and cost savings of using multiple adult diapers for every diaper change. I tend to wet heavily and profusely and have found the use of a single adult diaper to be, for the most part, inadequate. Additionally, I would never bother using a disposable adult diaper without wearing quality plastic pants. I generally prefer to go three hours or more before a diaper change. I can achieve that by the use of multiple diapers/boosters.

    *I have not used a SINGLE (or DOUBLED, for that matter) adult diaper in over ten years.

    Disclaimer: I have used the equivalent of a minimum of three adult diapers per diaper change for nighttime, daytime, at home or when out or traveling for over ten years.

    Adult Diaper Boosters:

    Modified Adult Diaper Boosters:

    My technique for modifying adult diapers to use as boosters:

    An example of my Maximum Night Time Diaper Change - Actual Capacity 95+ounces for about $.36:

    Current retail costs:

    Maximum Mattress Protection:

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    I sometimes use a booster pad inside cheaper, less-absorbent nappies. I've tried doubling up now and again but I don't find it very effective; I find that they tend to leak well before the lower one is soaked.

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