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    Hey everyone.

    Sometimes, I can't help but be somewhat frightened by the depth of all these AB feelings inside. I mean, I've known I loved diapers for basically all my life, and didn't really have too much trouble accepting that for myself - the only reason I don't shout it out loud is because of social consequences. But the AB thing is something completely different.

    Acceptance isn't even really the problem. It's been about one and a half year since I started acknowledging that I'm little on the inside, that I like to feel like a little boy on top of having a diaper fetish... and finally, I've been noticing some things are slightly different. I can regress a little more easily, though I still have trouble letting go of my daily adult issues. I'm more or less able to flip a switch when I go to bed, fetch my plushies and my pacifier while wearing a diaper and then get into my sleeping bag, so I feel kind of little... which is good. But frankly, I think I'm moving forward really slowly.

    I figured that fighting it isn't really an option and would probably make everything much worse. So what do you do... go with the flow. But why is it that I can't as much in touch with my little side as most other ABs? Why can't I see a significant difference between the adult persona and the little kid paradigm? Is it because I just don't really need it as much, or is there something blocking me from exploiting it to the fullest extent? I wonder that. I've met others like us, IRL, and most of them (who were actually AB) had no problems regressing. But when I try it, especially if others are around, I feel awkward. Are the walls between my adult persona and the little boy inside simply too solid, is the adult persona being too stubborn? Maybe, but I'm not sure how to deal with that without removing the strength of my adult persona, which - I can't deny that - I really appreciate under normal, everyday circumstances. That is, I'm glad I can be an adult if I need to...

    It's a difficult idea, so I was just wondering if others here might be able to shine some light upon this subject..

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    I'm in somewhat of a similar position. While it's been quite obvious to me that I'm a DL for some time now, it took a while before I labelled myself TB. Even then I saw it as something of a 90/10 or even 95/5 split towards DL. I knew that I had a little side, or some little persona/lity, but I could never actually regress and have just that personality. It's kind of like my little side is always a part of me, but so is the adult side, and I act based on all of their 'input'. I can't fully let my inner child take over, but at the same time I don't think I could isolate just the adult part of me, either.

    That's about as well as I understand myself at the moment. It could be that I have some block to letting the little me take over, but I don't think I'm ready to remove it at the moment. I also share your troubles with regressing around other people, although I think I may be a bit different in that if I get comfortable with others, I don't have a hard time expressing my child personality. The adult side is still there, though. Even with a really close friend or significant other, one-on-one, I don't think I could fully let go. Honestly, I'm about as lost as you are on the subject; I just figured I'd share my experiences. Sorry that I don't have any helpful words of wisdom.

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    I know how you feel. I think the regression to your little will happen more freely in time and with practice.

    Personally, I believe the sexual aspect, which is very strong for me, gets in the way of truly enjoying my AB side. This is problematic, since I'm much more comfortable with my AB side than with my fetish side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albasion View Post
    started acknowledging that I'm little on the inside,
    ::Points down at signature::
    Woot!!!!!! Can't help myself! LOL's!


    Everyone is different. I am an adult... and a child. I can pretty much switch it on and off as needed... but I don't consider myself a baby as my name dictates. I consider myself a young child between maybe 5-9 years old that still wears diapers and needs comfort objects. Maybe you are just trying to go back too early of an age for yourself? I for one love to talk and play Nintendo and I can't do that as a baby. It also would technically free up the possibility of being an older brother for someone, which, knowing how someone likes to feel first hand I entertain the idea that I would rock at it.

    Like I said... everyone = different. It may not be your thing to "regress" in the same way or around others. Plus it takes time to become comfortable doing so!!!!!!!

    - Mitchy

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