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    I sucked my thumb till i was about 15 couldn't sleep without doing it then managed to stop as I got older I know some of you would love to suck your thumb passively but im a closet dl as in no one knows and obviously that had to stop.

    In any case my problem right now is if i get too drunk and pass out or just too drunk in general i end up sucking my thumb... its happened a couple times now and its super embarrassing when im around my peers (im 19) and they see this. any suggestions on a solution??

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    Don't get drunk. In the US your too young to drink. Or just don't pass out while your drunk.

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    im Canadian :p thus im legal drinking age and don't get drunk!? im a university student lol well its not necessarily the passing out part its more anytime i drink and sleep i end up doing it but if i passed out its generally on a couch and people will see...

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    You're drunk and asleep, tell them it isn't like you're doing it on purpose but just something that seems to happens when you're drunk and laugh it off as something stupid. Yeah it is a little embarrassing but don't take it so seriously and you will feel better about it.

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    Solution: don't pass out where others can see you :p, it's that simple.

    Besides that I had a friend in Grade 4 who was a dedicated thump-sucker and I mean dedicated, like at school, during lunch, at home etc... anyway his parents invested in getting him some doctor approved powder or something that made his thumb taste really bad. Then vola just like that the thump sucking stopped.

    Not too sure why I remember that -.0; but why don't you do some research on that as a possible fix?

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    thanks for the advice, never heard of the powder but ill look into it. It will definitely be funny asking a doctor for that powder under these circumstances being 19 and all haha also falling asleep where no one can see me only seems logical however, when im at a house party with some friends i cant drive home so i sleep on a couch then wake up and drive home. Something i just thought of would be taping my thumb to my hand but it would look pretty ridiculous haha but maybe i guess

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    Default Thumb sucking

    I was always a thumb sucker and would try and avoid sleeping where I could be seen. But if I had too sleep near someone else I knew I would end up sucking my thumb in my sleep even if I fought the urge while falling asleep so I would always face a wall or couch back and cover that part of my face and thumb with the blanket and hope it would stay covered.

    At lease you don't have to change into diapers and try and hide that

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