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    Hi, my name is Josh. I am by no means new to wearing diapers but this is as close to going public as I have ever been. For years I have just kept my desire to be diapered a secret. I have been reading posts on sites like this for some time now but never had the courage to join in. My favorite diapers are Attends, Molicare and the Wellness Brief. For the time being I am just looking for people with the same desire to chat with and share their experiences. My fantasy is to be Diaper Dependent 24/7. I have often wondered if there are other people out there who enjoy the Diapered Lifestyle. Will update my profile soon. Thanks

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    Hello Josh I Love To Wear Wet Diapers. The Longer The Better I wear Tena slips And there Really Good.

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    HI Babydanny2012, I like the Molicare Brief with Plastic Pants at night, and YES the wetter the better.

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    I prefer diapers that work above all other qualities myself.

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    Is that a reference to the movie elf?

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    Welcome to I love to wear wet diapers too. Especially until they're leaking. Sometimes I love to wear them leaking as well. I'll sit in my bathtub sometimes and continue to wet the already leaking diaper. I love the squishyness of the wet diaper.

    By the way. What's your other interests besides diapers? Any hobbies, outside of diapers? Have a car? Play Sports? Etc?

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    Wet and warm diapers feel so babyish and great.

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    Welcome to this site, Josh

    I enjoy wearing wet diapers myself, as well. The thickness of it is brilliant, especially when you have some added padding to make it even more thick and squishy.

    So, aside from diapers, what other hobbies do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dljosh1 View Post
    My fantasy is to be Diaper Dependent 24/7. I have often wondered if there are other people out there who enjoy the Diapered Lifestyle.
    Great to see down to earth people here. I have been wearing cloth diapers 24/7 for eight years and have worn them since I was 10. I can go through a half dozen diapers a day. Wet diapers are great, but so are dry diapers right after. Most of my friends and neighbors and all my family know I wear diapers and nobody has ever said anything bad about it. I make it clear that I wear diapers (they are stacked out in the open over my headboard), that I like wearing diapers, and that it is no big deal.

    Right now, I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman who I have known for nearly 17 years. She is completely okay with my diapers and has no problem talking about it with me and allowing me to drink from my bottle.

    I find that the diaper lifestyle is an important contribution to my health and well-being.

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