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Thread: Free thinkers on the forum

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    Default Free thinkers on the forum

    As I peruse ADISC I see a lot of people of many different religious backgrounds. I am curious to see how many people here are Deists, Atheists, or Agnostics, or perhaps anything similar which I have missed.

    What caused you to form this world view?
    Is this what you always considered yourself, or were you originally something else?
    How do you deal and interact with/around religious people?

    I realize there have been other posts on the topic of religion, but this one deals specifically with non traditional forms of religion.

    To get the ball rolling, I will answer my own questions...

    I am a Deist. This makes me a rather rare breed as most people I know have never heard the term, and If the do know what it means they think it is a dead philosophy. Essentially, I reject any type of revealed religious claim, reject doctrine, and reject the concept of faith. I use reason and logic to seek truth in the natural world. This search leads to the belief in a god based on reason instead of faith. Thats your short definition for those who didn't already know.

    I was never really a christian, even though I was born into an episcopalian family and have also gone to a catholic school all my life (that includes both high school and university). In short through a lifetime of religious education I learned enough to know I disagreed and that I knew it was wrong. The same people that taught me faith taught me critical thought, and it did not compute.

    When I am around religious people I am very kind and respectful, but I always try to distance myself from religious conversation, lest it turn into a debate. I actually only looked at catholic universities, as I like small classes and nice people and because it is what I had grown up with. I do not readily challenge peoples religious views, though in my younger days, I considered it a sport and would attack on sight. In hindsight this was callous, mean, hypocritical, and stupid of me. Overall I quietly exist among them and just mind my own business, unless one draws me into a debate, in which case I get my claws out.

    Please share your experiences. I am curious to know

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    I am agnostic because if given a scientific laboratory test I could perform that proved a diety, I would then worship said diety.

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    I'm Christian, but don't hate gays, etc. I am against abortion, but that's just me, and I believe science is how, while God being why. I don't follow the Bible's every little rule, just the main story. Anyway, my friends get really pissed whenever I say "Atheist powers, activate!" or something. :/

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    I'm atheist...

    Quote Originally Posted by PacifiedByKnowledge View Post
    What caused you to form this world view?
    Observation, the examination of information and rationalisation. :-)

    There is no evidence supporting the existence of any specific documented gods, so whether they exist or not is a moot point. It's like believing in the existence of a small invisible teapot orbiting the earth. It might exist, but in the absence of any reason to believe as such, it would be infinitely more likely not to exist.

    Quote Originally Posted by PacifiedByKnowledge View Post
    Is this what you always considered yourself, or were you originally something else?
    Like everyone, in the beginning I had a position of "assumed atheism". As a young child I would try to engage in the supernatural by holding objects (like pebbles that I'd found) to which I'd ascribe magical powers, and would try to use "mind over matter" to change reality. But, of course, magic doesn't really exist and there is no "supernatural" explanation for anything.

    So, like the rest of my peers, no one ever considered religion to be anything more than fairy stories that are read out in school assembly (in the days when schools still paid lip-service to Christianity).

    Much later on, when I was having a tough time at secondary school (age 14/15), I fell in with a group of Christians. My popularity was so low in school that even if anyone did suspect me of being religious it wouldn't have mattered! They were very nice, very sincere people, even if they did have some strange beliefs. And I really wanted to have the comfort and guidance of religion in my life... So I (briefly) tried... But... It's hard to believe in something like that without any proof. I don't really know how people can suspend their disbelief...

    I remember them talking about making important decisions on a "gut feeling" that that's what god wanted them to do... and when they started doing things which made me genuinely think they'd gone insane (talking "in tongues"?!?!)... I decided that I wouldn't really ever be able to take religion seriously, so I drifted away from that group.

    Quote Originally Posted by PacifiedByKnowledge View Post
    How do you deal and interact with/around religious people?
    It's very rare that I meet someone who's religious. And even when I do, the religion isn't usually relevant. The last office I worked in (~150 people) had one Sikh, two Christians and maybe five or six Moslems and the subject of religion never came up.

    So... I deal/interact with religious people in exactly the same way that I'd deal with anyone. Being religious doesn't make them fundamentally different. Religion isn't really relevant when dealing with people, I don't think...

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    Default Free thinkers on the forum

    I am an atheist because I do not believe in a deity. That is honestly the long and short of it. There os no reason for me being an atheist beyond a lack of belief.

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    Pagan Panendeist is what I identify by. Pagan describes the system I subscribe to while Panendeist describes my ideas on deity I subscribe too.

    I came to this belief system after numerous personal experiences and metaphysical/philosophical study. Actually I've gone through a few religious notions before hand: Catholic~Christian Agnostic~Pagan Dualtheist~Pagan Panentheist~Pagan Deist~Pagan Panendeist. My Pagan studies have been ongoing for about 6 years I think, and I've finally settled on this. I'm less curious about absolute truth, instead more interested in the particular part of the cosmos that speaks to me.

    How do I interact with other religious people? I listen, and maybe talk depending. Interfaith work is something I strongly believe in.

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    I'm atheist a a result of observation and logic. My family is also not religious. As a kid my father dragged my brother and I to a Unitarian Universalist church. Unitarian Universalism is essentially organized agnosticism. In terms of how I react with religious people, that all depends on how they are acting. I don't push my veiws on others, unless they are pushing their views on me or other or if they are trying to justify bigotry through religion.

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    I'm atheist, basically because I've always been deeply involved with the major sciences and I can't seem to wrap my head around the views of some religions. I'm not an in-your-face atheist; I much prefer the fact that people believe in something if it means that they are more at ease or secure with who they are. It's just not for me.


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    I'm atheist because logic, observation and evidence suggests to me that there is no god.

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    ...Agnostic, though I doubt if I'd worship said deity if it revealed itself. I didn't suddenly become agnostic, I sort of always held the personal view that I wouldn't want to put faith into something that I could not prove.

    As for interaction with other religious people, I find it nice, enlightening and love to contrast similarities between religions. Like the similarities between Zoroastrianism and Christianity for example. I don't seek arguments from anyone religious and always try to show respect when I'm around anyone religious. I also have many Christian friends (Christianity is predominant in my area).

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