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Thread: Should the FDA Regulate Nicotine in Tobacco?

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    Default Should the FDA Regulate Nicotine in Tobacco?

    i was astonished to find out a few months ago that this, in whole, was a severely unregulated product with the FDA not knowing how much nicotine was being added to cigarettes.
    what is your take on this?

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    Regulating nicotine in cigarettes seems pretty pointless...It's still unhealthy...It would just be better preventing smoking

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    yeah, but considering the addictive properties and the assumed amount of thousands of people starting their habit on a daily basis is of concern when it comes to the consideration of nicotine.

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    I really don't care. If someone wants to smoke, then they will smoke, no matter how much Nicotine is in the cigarette.

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    Putting diamonds on shit, and it's still shit...Put less nicotine in cigarettes, and it's still unhealthy...It would just cause people to smoke even more, because they would have to go through more cigarettes to get the same feeling as a regular cigarette with non limited nicotine...They would have to regulate all the things in it, and not just nicotine...What should be done is no smoking...Not "light" cigarettes

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    Information on the amount of nicotine in different brands of cigarettes can easily be found online and, at least in this country, actually on the cigarette packets. Moreover, 'light' and 'ultra light' cigarettes with less nicotine are available.

    Personally, if I'm going to have a cigarette, I'd prefer to have a stronger one anyway.

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    I don't think it should, because simply, if someone smokes, whether he's smoking the harsh version or the ultralight brand, he's still damaging his health.

    Okay, I know someone's going to mention passive smoke, but the amount of nicotine doesn't affect the problems passive smoking might cause. (I think. Correct me if I'm wrong).

    Also, without wanting to sound the tinfoil hat alarm, it is also a very good marketing trick.

    See here : If someone is used to smoking a pack a day of strong cigarettes (Let's say 2.0 mg of nicotine), and suddenly the FDA says 'The harshest brand on the market can only reach 1.0 mg of nicotine' then they have instantly doubled their profits, as the true addict will buy 2 packs to keep the nicotine levels in his body as high as it used to be.

    I don't exactly see the point.

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    The only reason I can see for wanting to regulate it is to make sure they put the advertised amount of tobacco/nicotine in. After all, I'm willing to bet that the tobacco, or concentrated nicotine if they add that, is probably the most expensive part of the cigarette, so if tobacco companies could reduce costs while increasing the amount people need to buy to get the same fix, don't you think they'd do it?

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    I don't know about cigarettes, but if they tried to regulate nicotine content in cigars I think I would have to kill someone. Don't mess with these amazing wonders of the world.

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