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    Default Lana Del Rey

    The first time I ever heard her was on SNL. I thought it was a joke, as I thought she sounded absolutely terrible and was wondering why people obsessed over her so much.

    Well, I've fallen victim to her. I can't get enough of her. The past couple months, her album has been on repeat and with the release of her new song, "Ride", I've become even more hooked.

    What's y'all's opinion on her?

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    I love her (Song)

    I remember first time I hear her it was December near new year. And she is in MTV Push(if you don't know it's like New Artist of the Month) I really like the first song I hear "Video Games" Nice Music Video awesome song and very poetic meaning. And basically I'm hooked up every single of her song "Born To Die", "Blue Jeans", "National Anthem". And so I decided to buy her CD(which is quite rare to me to be honest I usually download it online).

    So yeah very very awesome singer and if she decided to held concert in here. I definitely watched it. Although my sister disagree with me she said Lana Del Rey sound is very flat. But still I like her.

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    [Soppy mode = ON]

    My kit once made me listen to "video games".... I still hear it playing in my head sometimes when I think of him

    *starts daydreaming*

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    I kept hearing her songs on the radio or in bars and I really like them. She has an amazing voice.

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