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    Hey everyone,

    I heard this song about a month ago, and loved it. It's a great pick-me-up song, and the video really touches the heart. Just thought I'd share it, in case someone is feeling down, or just wants a good song to hear that can make you change your outlook on some things. Reference the last man shown in the video who was searching for his lost daughter, a comment on the video stated that she was found, alive and well.

    Here's the lyrics too if you want to read/sing along;

    EDIT: I love how right after I post this, that I notice the "Thread of Supportive Music" where I should have posted this... I swear I have 20/20 vision! I skimmed too quickly I guess.

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    Pretty much anything off Panic! at the disco's Pretty. Odd album has an amazing pick me up effect for me! It helped alot to put me in a better mood before going to work at my old job, where one of the staff was particularly abusive to me.

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    when I'm feeling sad, I always listen to Dr. Feelgood by motley crue! If that doesn't work, I break out the big guns and listen to "The Enormous **** song" by Bob and Tom. if you're a guy, it most definitely helps, if you're not, well I wouldn't reccommend listening to it.

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