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    Default GaryWear PUL Active Brief

    Check this out:

    Active Brief

    I really like these! I have not found a better plastic pant. They don't make my skin all clammy and they hug my disposable diapers perfectly! I own 4 total...two navy and two grey. Anyone else have experiences with these?

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    they look nice and i have tried pul before but unfortunately the sizing was off on the product i had ordered so they were always a little too tight for overnight use. i am currently looking for some new diaper covers as mine are starting to fall apart.
    since i do need to order more i may actualy get 1 or 2 pairs of these but I am wondering if you have had any issues with cremes or anything that will ruin the material as that is what always seems to ruin my other plastic pants and I would rather throw away a pant that cost me $4 vs one that cost much more.

    if I am able to order these I will definitely make sure to post a review, looking forward to additional reviews from others.

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    I use baby powder, but no creams. The baby powder doesn't affect them. I use a medium size for a 34" waist and I tend not to have any problems.

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