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    Default Introduction of Berceau

    I am a boy of artistic and technical hobbies, programmer by profession, husband to a most wonderful Momma/Wife (-LS-), and puppy parent to a most dramatic fuz-puppy. I'm considerate, contemplatively deep to keep it simple.

    Growing up (from the agae of 5 as far back as my memory goes) I had day time dreams of returning to a playful, innocent state of a toddler. Into my adult years, I experimented much more, the tentative adult baby to two girl friends; but never beyond that in embarrassment, and sadly even with a purge in the middle. Years later I met my beautiful wife, and only a few years into our relationship did I come out to her with it. To my wonderful surprise and a demonstration to Her true heart, she was warm, understanding, and accepting; She really does make me a lucky boy.

    So I find myself today, now looking to reintroduce this hard coded portion of my person, to find the community and understanding friends, to resume an exploration and passion far too long brushed under the carpet.

    A more personal description - I am a sliding scale in so many facets. Not only is my personal age an anachronism, but find sexy cuteness in others, both boys and girls. I have a feminine side I am not shy about. Once upon a time it confused me, but now I am comfortable with idea of wearing a simultaneous mix of boy and girl hats; and in the end calling myself ‘just-me’, and nothing more. I'm an interesting paradox of bashfully shy and a social butteryfly, all a matter of how comfort level and courage at the moment. So if you think I'm interesting enough, I'll invite you to send the friends request and introduction - I'll be flattered, honest.

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    Great intro! Really felt what you were saying when you described yourself!

    Welcome to adisc! This is a great place to hang out and talk about anything... but especially in regards to diapers and regression. It helps to talk to others as an outlet and as a way to see/delve deeper into yourself. We are always ever changing throughout our lives and our needs change as well. We would love to hear more about you, what you like and do in your spare time, etc.

    I dabble with programming... I am an old school guy into old computers, commodore 64 for life! I am not a great programmer by any means... Often when I try to program something I will come up with convoluted huge code monstrosities in Visual Basic that get the job done but in a silly way!

    Do you like old computers? Technology? Games? How about... movies and books? Favorite food? (LOL) Maybe you like bowling? I know I don't... well.. bowling always seems like a good idea until later when my wrists are all destroyed from even a 12lb ball... lol

    So yeah... let's hear more aboutcha! Welcome again!

    - Mitchy

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    Default Re: Introduction of Berceau

    Welcome Berceau!

    I'm amazed at the amount of people in the forums. I think you found the right place.

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    Glad to see others in places along the bumpy and complex scale of life. ;3

    Welcome! I think you'll fit right in here, and I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do!

    Coolness++ on the programming and art front, we're alike in that regard. Which languages do you use? What's your favorite medium?

    Do you play any video games? /random

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    I'm not really a fan of programming old computer. Most of my work is on embedded devices (microcontrollers), which gives a nice initimate look at the hardware. Technology - I love my ipad, Games - Ratchet and Clank all of em' , sci-fi movies, not much of a reader (get too much in the day job), Food, a bit too much but I'm a fan of mexican food
    Spare time - Gardening as mentioned (digging up the ground right now for winter vegs), Painting (kinda left in the dust the last month, but really need to make time for it), oils, pencils, mixed media, I thrive on lush colors and detail; and want to get out to socialize more. Thats me in a nut shell really.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Cluidinboy - I program almost entirely in C/++, as those are the two centered most on embedded platforms... occassionally have to touch assembly - but its all the same to me. Favorite processor family is the microchip family (particualry the 32s') but have been digging into Atmel's and TI-ARM9s recently.

    Art medium, I prefer oils and wax pencil. You can take a peak of some of my artwork on my two FetLife profile Caelum and Berceau.
    I do play video games, my fav has been the Ratchet and Clank series, but also enjoy some group games, portal2, rockband, raving rabids, and plenty more.

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