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Thread: Twilight

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    Question Twilight

    Is anyone reading the Twilight series? It's a major thing right now in my area, almost everyone at my school has the book. I'm an avid reader, so I have people constantly ask me what I thought of the book (I'm usually never without a book) but I keep having to say I haven't read it.

    It reminds me of Harry Potter. The Twilight movie is coming out soon. Now because the movie looks so good, everyone wants the book.

    What are your thoughts on it? I'm thinking I'm going to buy it, just so I'm not left in the dark, but I really don't wanna dish out 60 bucks if it isn't all that great. Just list pro's and cons and what you like and stuff here, if at all possible, I'd really, really appreciate it, guys!

    <3 Mandi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    60 bucks for a book?!

    Oh yeah, and cookies.
    No, 60 for the hardcover box set. It's only like, 10 for the softcover. But I hate softcovers, and I like them to match, and if I like it I want all of them... so I might as well get a discount by buying them at the same time.

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    Oh I see. Go for it if you feel like it. I just googled it and read a plot summary. Not my type of book. Vampire/dark romances with an adolescent spin always come out so cliched.

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    I've never read it...I never heard of it until the movie...The movie looks kind of stupid...I probably won't read the books because of how the movie looks now

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    I've never read it, nor have I heard of it. And I don't see anyone else with the book... wait, I don't see anyone with books. My high school is significantly unintelligent (worst in my county in academics, and one of the worst in New Jersey), so no one reads.

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    I don't have time to read anymore.. but ehh it doesn't seem like t would be that interesting to me..t hough there are alot of obsessed girls at my school

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    A BUNCH of people are reading it at my school. Personally, I think they sound kinda dumb, but whatever floats your boat i guess.

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    I love Twilight with a passion.

    I feel kinda hesitant about seeing the movie though, because I think it'll butcher the book.

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    Actually, I was kind of interested in reading the books until I saw the movie trailer. I thought the trailer looked pretty silly, and it cooled off my desire enough to ask a few more friends who had read the series, or at least part of it, their opinions on it first. After that, I decided to give it a pass, at least for now, in favor of reading the Night Watch series.

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