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    Ive getting back into diapers for the 1st time in many years. I have been reading diaper reviews online and find them very good for the most part...lots of info. What I havent seen is a diaper comparison, like between Bambinos and ABUs diapers. Has anyone seen anything like this or maybe done a comparison?

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    lol then you are either looking in the wrong places or not looking hard enough, there are tons of comparisons online, just google something simple like "bambinos vs cushies" or something like that, you will find multiple links from different blogs and even old adisc postings about this.

    If you want info from me, i'll keep it simple:

    - Thicker than ABU diapers
    - 2 tapes per side
    - waistbands
    - very absorbant
    - reasonably/high priced
    - cute babyish print on tape panel.

    Cushies/Abu Diapers
    - Not as thick as bambinos
    - cute babyish All over print for cushies
    - one big tape per side
    - not very absorbant
    - no waistband
    - very very VERY crinkly

    I personally love the fabine exclusive, but they are ridiculously expensive, cost me 58$ just to get an 8 pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ObsoleteBaby View Post
    I personally love the fabine exclusive, but they are ridiculously expensive, cost me 58$ just to get an 8 pack
    But they're a wonderful occasional treat! I got a couple bags recently and wear one every other week or so, on the weekend. CAN'T fill it, regardless of how much I drink

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    I'm gonna (hopefully!) order a big batch of samples from both ABUniverse and Bambino...I'll post once it happens--but for now, I'm curious about what people have to say aswell. So far, I've only tried the Tena women's pull-up style, and the Depends women's pull-up style.

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