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Thread: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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    Smile Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    I started playing this on my Xbox 360, And I am now addicted.

    So let us take time to share things about our character, brag about them, and give thoughts on the game.

    My character, as of writing this, has maxed out Sneak and Acrobatics skills, and Maxed out Agility and Speed stats, all at level 22. He has finished the theives guild quests and now is the guild master of the thieves guild. He has a giant mansion In Anvil, with a Huge basement with a hidden crypt area to store all of his stolen goods and weapons. He also has a cloak of chamelon 20%, which combined with his sneak skills and the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, makes him practically invisible at night.

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    Level 6 Paladin, Breton Male.

    Arena Grand Champ , now carrying a Fine Steel Longsword, and a Steel Shield...being a custom class...I based him off of FFXI's Paladin...which I used to be one of , back when I had DSL .

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    Level 46 Geomancer (Custom class). Mastered nearly all of my main skills other than Mysticism and Marksman Ship.

    Currently using a custom bow "Bow of the Apocalypse", 20 Fire damage, 20 Ice Damage, 20 Lightning Damage, 18 drain health damage for two seconds - On hit.

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    Does my Fallout 3 character count? ^ ^

    I've never gotten into Oblivion... though after I beat Fallout and strangle every spare minute from it that I can, I think I'm going to try Oblivion again just to give it a shot and see what I'm missing!

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    I kind of deleted my Oblivion characters off my 360 on accident when I was trying to make room for stuff.

    Pretty sure I had a like... level 20-something Male Orc Warrior. Unfortunately I can't remember the class, level, or race of my magic caster or thief (I used different characters for each guild to get the most out of stuff).

    I liked Morrowind a lot more, but Oblivion is a great game no doubt. Can't wait to snag FO3

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    Great game. Unfortunately one I have never got that far into. I play it obsessively for a week or so, then drop it. When I come back to it I don't feel into my character any more and end up starting from scratch again. Then again, that happens with most computer games for me. The ones where that doesn't happen, I just end up playing obsessively for a week then never going back to them at all.

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    I liked the game well enough, although compared to how the setting was described in the previous games, and in contrast to the alien and exotic world in Morrowind, it was disappointingly bland. Never managed to get very far through the main quest, and I've forgotten my character's class and level. My old main Morrowind character is a Dunmer at about level 52, with a slightly changed battlemage class. My other main is a non-magic using (except for almsivi and divine intervention amulets) level 35 Khajiit Assassin, specialising in crossbows and poisoned throwing weapons

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    This is odd, I just started to play Fallout 3 last night on my PC. Anyways I got Oblivion as well but I quit in the middle of the game. Its still installed onto my PC so I can always return.

    Also Fallout 3 is very similar to Oblivion. Though Fallout 3 is much more modern and thus funner. Also how do you kill people with teddy bears in Oblivion? You don't!

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    Oblivion is pretty crap, to be honest. I mean, this is my opinion *after* installing 3gigs of mods, which turn a good game into a simly *Phenominal* game.

    I'm just waiting for them to release the modset for Fallout 3.

    My signature Oblivion character is my Argonian. Blunt weapons, Heavy armor, Restoration, Mysticism (with a mod, allowing telekinesis on enemies)... you know, all that good "holy knight" sorta stuff.

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    i played it a while ago and i had a level 12 plus character with royal knight armor at the beginning. it was odd, but somehow i killed him by using animal control on his horse that he got off and kept using fire ball and arrows on him. so i had the armor by level 5 which helped <3.

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