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Thread: If you saw someone you recognized

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    Question If you saw someone you recognized

    If you saw someone in public that you recognized from Adisc or a similar site would you approach them?

    What would you say?

    Just curious..

    (I guess the main reason I am asking is because I keep hoping I will be noticed while I am out. I would love someone to just find me out there as silly as that may be....)

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    well first i depends if i would be alone or not because how to explain to people you know this person?
    and secondly i would just say great to meeet you in person and talk the same as here

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    If someone recognized me from ADISC, I would be super scared. Since only three people on ADISC have seen a picture of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilMonkeyAlex View Post
    If someone recognized me from ADISC, I would be super scared. Since only three people on ADISC have seen a picture of me.
    I am finding that the kid in me is pretty aggressive and brave.

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    Well yeah meeting on purpose is something also... when that happens though....
    I would imagine it's a bit awkward with age differences also, I see myself as a much older child that still has the same special needs as the younger ones. I'm not gonna give up my Nintendo, no way!

    But yeah I mainly mean if I was at work and someone totally recognized me I would be thrilled to have them (be brave) and say HEY! I know you..... etc. :wink:

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    Well.... I don't know I mean probably I never meet someone from ADISC here(If someone still don't know I'm from Indonesia). But still you don't know what is going happen in your life maybe someday I have chance to visit Europe or States or Aus and NZ.

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    If I recognised them from a photograph I saw online: I'd probably try to approach them without startling them (somehow)

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    If they are like me and put themselves out there with full face shots they are probably fairly confident and it will be hard to scare them.
    I mean...
    It's pretty much an open invitation to say hello. :evil grin:

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    I would if the person is alone and there is not too many people around, but i probably would't have the b**ls for it....

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