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Thread: Why are girls so lucky? :(

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    Default Why are girls so lucky? :(

    I'm not saying I want to be one it's just they get to do more babyish things and not get looked down on. They can have stuffed animals or wear footie pajamas. Even though the pajamas were shark and outerspace they were made for girls. The girl who sucked on the pacifier? Only got wierd looks, had it been a guy he still would be getting crap for it and probably would have been beat up a few times. They can own stuffed animals if a guy does it he's gay. I just wish it was the same for guys as it was for girls sometimes.

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    Oh I know how u feel
    Girls have it better WAY better

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    Oh, I don't know. Have you ever seen girls play football? They really suck at it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Oh, I don't know. Have you ever seen girls play football? They really suck at it!
    Most MEN suck at football. Your point is?

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    Girls are just looked at in a more innocent point of view, so they can get away with acting childish or babied more than guys since guys are supposed to be strong and act masculine.They shouldn't show any type feminine characteristics because that shows weakness for a guy. For instant, a girl that likes to watch a show for little girls and wear diapers from time-to-time might be able to get away with it. A guy, on the other hand, that likes to watch a show for little girls and wear diapers from time-to-time won't be able to get away with it.

    Being a girl does have its advantages.

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    I have always thought it was completely the opposite, guys are luckier because they can't wear or do babyish things openly. Part of the excitement of diapers for me was the fact that it was not socially acceptable, if I had been able to wear a diaper openly when I was early teens I doubt if there would have been any desire to do so. Perhaps things are different now but when I was thirteen I still had a teddy bear, which I carried around with me most of the time, nobody ever said I was gay because of it. That could have been because I had no trouble attracting a girlfriend, but was probably more to do with the fact that I was not embarrassed by the fact that I had an attachment to an inanimte object. Many guys have a lucky pair of shoes or other object which makes them feel comfortable, my lucky mascot just happened to be a rather disreputable looking teddy bear called Rupert.

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    Girls are really not that lucky at all, and these a pretty weak examples of why girls are priviledged.

    And to some degree, I call bullshit. Guys are free to get footie pajamas and own plushies, they're just lack the balls to deal with other people's reactions. Who cares if some douches think you're gay? Get some confidence and such. My younger brother is only a couple of years older than you, his facebook picture is some chillaxed picture of him wearing grey one-piece pajamas and beast-foot slippers. His friends think it's cool.

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    I know plenty of males who have openly had plushies all of their lives. It might not be the sort of thing that you'd want to bring up in conversation when you're a teenager though, so perhaps it's just not hugely recognised.

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    In todays world you just gotta grab society by the throat and tell it to go F itself lol (metaphorically speaking of course), although it is easier for a girl to find a daddy/brother/uncle/ abdl friend of any gender than it is for a guy to find a friend in GENERAL.

    I sometimes wish i wouldve been born a girl... not that i want to become one now though, im happy with my boy body, just wish sometimes i was born a girl... If i got a sex change i wouldnt look very attractive >_>

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