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    hi guys my names edward or eddy if you would mind calling me so.
    i've been interested in diapers for about a year an a half now.on acassionaly i wear a diaper when im alone or in my room or if i can get some but now im living with a few friends i can't. wells thats enough about me i just thought i should say hi and everything

    sorry for double posting couldn't find the edit button. anyways like i said i like to wear diapers on and off, i play online games frequently, my hobbies are playing with remote control stuff such as cars,planes, helicopters, i have plans in joining the military once i graduate from high school or sooner once i loose some weight, my life is pretty boring. i haven't told anyone about my diaper fetish yet and don't plane to for awhile. i got interested in diapers when talking to someone on a chatsite i was really interested and started searching around to find out about it. i was truely amazed at what i found, it was like love at first site, i just started joining random forums and sites reading all these stories on adult babies it was awsome. i just wish i was treated like most of these stories i would be great. i would like to thank you for reading about me
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    Welcome to the forums. (or as it should be fora)

    Enjoy yourself here and don't forget to post, we don't bite (...hard)

    Edit button should be in the right bottom, even newbies should be able to do that. Anyhow I merged them for you so don't worry about it.

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    Well hiyas and welcome to the forum Babyed. My brothers in the Navy, and is a MA (Master Armed). I think thats about the best branch to go to if you don't want to go to war right now. Although, if you did join, you'd have to be OC'd in boot camp. People say its worse than child birth, so I don't wanna do it. Guess I'm a baby ^. ^ Well welcome agiain to the forums. I hope you like it here. Have fun posting, and making new friends


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