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    So a little about me first. I am a daddy/DL. I have always been and am the luckiest guy in the work to be engaged to a beautiful woman who is a LG.
    I joined this site to keep up on anything new and fun. Also to share my knowledge and gain some knowledge to be a better daddy. please feel free to pm me and I look forward to get to know you all.

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    Hey hey! Welcome PrincessKeeper! I am guessing this is a direct reference to your special princess you take care of? :wink:

    Great to see you here, it's a great place to be accepted, make friends, and even learn more about yourself. People are always changing throughout life and we are a great place to talk it all out.
    You need to meet certain criteria to really talk privately. Just talk a bit and be yourself... it's just a matter of several days of wait time and a certain number of posts.

    Anyways.... we love to get to know more about a person too... What do you like? What are you passionate about? Do you like movies/books/music and what kinds? It really helps us all get to know each other better!

    P.S. Sounds like you and your princess are really in a great place!

    I love hugs!



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    Well lets see... I like snowboarding, camping, fishing, working on the house, video games(FPS,RPG, and MMO) and building electronics. My girl likes facebook games, scrapbooking, art, swimming, and spending time with our family.
    You could say I am the outside looking in and she is the inside looking out. I wish we had more time to do the thing we enjoy but work and life get in the way.

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    Oh yeah.... I love camping and getting back to nature.... bonfires/campfires are lots of fun too!

    I can probably relate to both of you guys especially when it comes to games. On facebook I like Farmville but have been playing Cafe World more often... I like cooking... I am bad at cooking IRL. lol... I love MMORPG's of all kinds really and I am always looking for a new one to mess around with. I play Everquest 1, WOW, etc. I dislike Everquest 2 on general principal... it's complicated.
    When I shoot stuff I usually prefer Duke Nukem or Unreal Tournament. I am not really into army stuff because I don't want to kill people!!!! I want to kill evil zombies and aliens!=D

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