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Thread: Hows your day going?

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    Default Hows your day going?

    Theres so many frustrations from day to day and every once and a while if you take a step back and think, it turns out that every day is wonderful.
    Full of amazing people, personalities and experiences.
    So to me even the days that dont seem too good I always say "great"
    But tell me, How is your day going?
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    my day has being okay uni home plush, bottle fed, ordered nappies pretty good day lol.
    tomorrow will be utter hell lol.

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    It's easy to forget how amazing it is that we're here at all and aware of the fact. Even my bad days tend to be pretty good if I look at them right.

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    It's been a good day so far, I made another persons day even though it seemed so small and insignificant, I pulled out in front of someone (safely) the light ahead was turning red, the guy behind me needed to turn, but there was no turn lane, so I got over a lane so he could turn, he gave me a friendly wave as he went by.

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    Hmm. My day has been average, but I'm feeling a little down. Probably 'cause I'm not allowed to buy diapers, and I feel like I'm going insane because of it.

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    I have no homework, I'm cozy in my bed, I'm about to go help put on a night of classic plays at my school, and I have a Coca-Cola in a glass bottle by my side.

    Pretty darn good.

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    All days are the product of ourselves playing with chance and entertaining our conscious choices. I have a good day every day even if I feel anxious, upset or just generally bored. There is always fun to have and opportunities to appreciate even the most minuscule of enjoyments. I am tryin to be this way because it seems the most logical and it tends to feel right most the time, but attitudes can change like anything can. Gotta focus the balance and optimism will flow out. Love talking.

    Anyway, at least as far as today is concerned, I have just Changed from a messy cushie into a new sdk and am loving that powdered and pampered bottom that I love feeling. Been writing a paper on hyperbolic geometry and relativity. Difficult and involving but it does occupy my mind. After I finish writing for a while, I think a few of my buddies are coming over to play borderlands two and I am going to subject them to a lot of new music that I have acquired over the last few weeks. It's gonna be a good night of talking to good friends and playing good video games. I appreciate today Whole heatedly.

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    I've been dancing around all day! Got a bounce in my step and no worries at all!

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    I woke up at 5:45 for swim team workouts, did a HELL of a workout, had school, and then did homework until 8, then got ready for bed, and FINALLY relaxed and played guitar for a little while.

    But I came up with a REALLY awesome riff!!

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    Well I got lost and my car is falling apart on me but I am an optimist so my day is fantastic

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