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Thread: Does Pampers still fit you?

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    Question Does Pampers still fit you?

    Just curious about how many of you fit in Pampers size 6 or 7, and wear only these and not use them as doubler (inside adult diapers). Just Pampers and nothing else.

    I wear Pampers 6 and 7, and sometimes Pampers Extra Protection Overnight 6, just by themselves, like a diaper panties (the fit, rise, and coverage are just like a bikini panties). Feels great.

    (There are some threads about the waist size Pampers will fit, but no one seems to have talked about the actual uses of Pampers.)
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    I wish I could still fit them! The new prints are so cute.

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    I wish I could fit into them! Nothing compares to a Pampers Baby diaper in cuteness and such.

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    Nope - should have made this a poll

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    I can

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    Great! Do you wear just Pampers? And do you fit size 5, 6, or 7?

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    Default Does Pampers still fit you?

    I can take 2 of them (size 7) and put them together in a way that is really hard to explain to make them fit roughly. But I'm not sure if it will work anymore because I put on 60+ pounds over the last 3 months :P

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    I can manage to fasten a pampers size 7, but I definitely wouldn't say it "fits". I'm female so a 25 inch waist doesn't help when I have 35 inch hips. I stick with adult diapers :3

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    I wear baby dry size 6, just put staples on the 'wing' bits to stop them breaking off so easily. Sometimes extend them slightly so they don't rip with time. Love the baby ones, the feel and smell is just amazing

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    Well but a 25" waist fits perfectly in Pampers, and a girl's flat crotch fits even better (the distance from belly button in the front through her crotch to the ass cheeks in the back is much shorter than it is on a male). Now the girly wide hips won't help that's true. But the crotch length is more important (fitting Pampers better). The hips can be accommodated by adding feminine pads to both sides of the waist to extend the Pampers. So in the end you can still use only one Pampers (and get a perfect fit).

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