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    Now I know these threads come up from time to time, but they're almost always about the sleepers that are stocked in the Boys department and how semi-skinny people can get themselves into those.

    Now there's been a sale at Target recently for the women's adult sleepers where they're down to about $20 for some of them, both online and in-store. Now I have a girl friend who's really interested in grabbing a pair. However! The target website is notoriously bad for having any kind of sizing information! The sleepers are apparently available from XS to XXL, but I have no idea where those sizes fall.

    Now my friend is of the larger, more cuddly stature: 5'10 and approximately 50+ inch waist/hip. Now I know this is a long shot, but I thought I'd shout out to any of our plus size members to see if they have any insight for me!

    Nick & NoraŽ Women's Owl Footie Pajama - Pink : Target

    These are the ones she's interested in.

    Thanks Guys!

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    I haven't measured my waist in a long time. However, I am 5'10 and you're aware of how big I am around the middle. I was in Target today and bought two for myself. The XL fit me well--it wasn't too tight, and it wasn't too loose. The XXL wasn't too loose either, but it really just depends on her comfort level. If she likes things a little snugger, get the XL. If she likes things a little looser, definitely get the XXL.

    To be completely honest, they stretch a lot. I first went with a medium and it fit. Tightly, but it fit. So, XL or XXL will definitely work as they all have a little give to them.

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    Thanks . She ended up getting one from jumpinjammers anyway so it'll be sure to fit but I appreciate the effort you made it writing this out for me.

    BTW, fricking awesome sig. One of the best episodes of Dr Who easily. Amazing to see the TARDIS actually embodied like that for a short time!

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    I can wear an XL, it's a little tight, but I'm comfy in it. I'm 5'10 with a 53 inch waist. So, for the future, they'll probably fit.

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