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Thread: am I alone on this?

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    Talking am I alone on this?

    well, today I was talking to my friends about tattoo's and I said I thought it would be cool to get my legs tattooed(no idea how else to spell that, sorry :P) like fishnets n.n
    like, fishnet pattern all over my legs :D
    thigh highs, not allll the way up o.o
    I dunnooooo I think it'd be pretty sweeeet :D
    what about you? n.n
    and also, how much do you think that'd cost? o.x
    is it even doable? o.o

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    That would be a bad idea I think. You'll probably regret getting such a large tattoo anywhere from 60 minutes to a week to years later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    That would be a bad idea I think. You'll probably regret getting such a large tattoo anywhere from 60 minutes to a week to years later.

    silly goose n.n
    I'm not planning on getting it or anything
    I don't even like writing on myself,
    I get irritated with seeing it 10 minutes later x.x
    I just think it'd be a pretty awesome tattoo :D

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    Any tattoo is doable since some people got their whole body's covered in tattoos. I have no idea how much it would cost and I never got a tattoo and I don't really want one. I have no idea what I would get nor how I would feel years down the line.

    Anyways I have drawn on myself in class before. I made a checker board pattern all over the top of my left hand and that day kids thought it was a real tattoo since I colored it in so well. It took sometime to scrub it off though when I got back home. Also my economics teacher laughed at it.

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    I think it would look cool. However, anyone stupid enough to do this and with enough money to do this deserves all the problems that it would cause to get such a large tattoo done.

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    It's certainly able to be done. I'm not so sure about how much money tattoos cost, but I'm sure it'd probably be more expensive than other tattoos, based on the size of it. Personally, I think tattoos look bad all the time, and I'd never get one. I just don't like them much.

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    A tattoo like that would probably be like a grand i'm randomly guessing. I kinda want to get a tattoo but I am too scared of the needles and stuff. If I was to get one i'd probably get 3 X's somewhere on myself for straight edge and maybe a blue mana symbol somewhere.

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    You could go and get some fishnet stockings and maybe check it out. A LOT less expensive!

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    It'd be cool. It'd cost a FORTUNE and probably be extremely painful. I was thinking around a grand as well. I've considered getting a tattoo a few times, probably on the small of my back, but there's nothing I really want that badly. Plus my boyfriend doesn't like them. I've also always been scared of the pain. Tattoos take awhile, even small designs, and I'm worried I wouldn't be able to sit there and take it for that long.

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    no i want a tattoo but theres no possible way you can get a job with a tattoo of that size..

    what about the day you get married? a funeral? going to the beach? do you always want to wear fishnets?

    yeah it sounds cool... maybe henna(sp?)

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