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Thread: If you are American and are over 18...

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    Default If you are American and are over 18... you intend to vote?

    Even though I am 3 years from being able to vote, I still urge those of you who can vote to vote. Even if you think both presidential candidates "suck", pick one who sucks less and vote for him. In fact, vote for Obama.

    Seriously now, this is just a query to measure ADISC voter turnout. Please reply if you are American and are over 18. Thank you.

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    I already voted. So, mark me down in the "yes" column I suppose.

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    i voted 2 weeks ago... I was so tired of people calling my house that I just had to send it in. :-(

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    I already voted myself. But if people don't want to vote, don't feel the need to vote then they shouldn't vote.

    Don't vote unless you actually care about issues be it gay marriage, the wars the US is in, taxes, illegal immigration etc and you want to make your voice heard. Otherwise just don't vote.

    Also judge EVERYTHING for yourself, don't let anyone else say how you should vote. If you do your not that far off from being a lemming playing follow the leader off the cliff.

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    I will absolutely be voting on Tuesday. This will actually be the first time that I am voting in a national election on election day, I always used to vote early by absentee ballot when I was in college.

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