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Thread: Missing Diapers? Need help!

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    Default Missing Diapers? Need help!

    About five years ago I bought some Adult Diapers from Jewel. They were Equaline...thick, crinkly, and highly absorbent! I could hardly believe such diapers were sold at a store. They were amazing, and i especially liked the high tops because there was no leaking from the front top. I went back about a year later and could not find them anymore. I have not seen these kind since. Have any of you ever used them or know if they are still available?

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    could you post an image i might be able to find them again for you like its easier to find them when 2 people look than just one and when i want somthing i dont stop til i get it so give me an image or a description in great detail and ill help

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    If they were private label brand under contract to Jewel they probably went away when the contract was up.

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    Yeah, they did go away. Supervalu, which owns Jewel, Osco, and Albertsons (among others) did away with them and went to those horrible pull-on things. The Equaline brand was my go-to if I ran out between deliveries from the VA.

    I think they were made by the same company that makes Wings. The design is very similar.

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    Try eBay? Other auction sites that might sell these rare items? You've got me interested now...

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