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Thread: Alcohol and bed wetting

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    Default Alcohol and bed wetting

    It's always been said that heavy drinking at night can lead to involuntary bed wetting. I know I've experienced it several times myself, and back in college when I was in a fraternity it wouldn't be uncommon for several of the guys (myself included) to wake up soggy after a night of partying. I'm just wondering if this happens to you when you drink, do you use diapers for it, etc?

    I wear 24/7 now and still have pretty much complete control over my bladder, but I do find that I still wet the bed involuntary if I have one too many.

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    This happens to me a lot. I do like beer and if I drink 5-6 beers in a short period of time and hit that ready to pass out stage I'll probably have an accident. It's not really something I would recommend anyone do however. I mean alcohol is bad for you and all that. lol

    Also it's different for each person. Some people are more likely to wet the bed... while others are going to wake up every time they need to go.

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    'never drank beer, and that seems to work for me to stay dry.

    I second Mitchy: It varies greatly from person to person. For instance, there might be a hint of genetics in the picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    Also it's different for each person. Some people are more likely to wet the bed... while others are going to wake up every time they need to go.
    This is true, I have gone to bed/passed out several times while absolutely sloshed and just woke up a couple hours later (still drunk) to go to the bathroom. That being said, I don't actually drink that often so that might have something to do with it too.

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    yI have never wet the bed as a result of drinking too much, and I have drank was too much more than a few times. I usually wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee like I have never felt before. With the worst headach, so dizzy I can't hardly walk, and feeling like I want to die, I stumble to the bathroom to pee. This will often happen two or three times before I am ready to wake up. No fun I must say. But never wet the bed because of it. I don't like to get that drunk, even if I did get to wet the bed because of it.

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    Yup, I've had this happen probably a dozen times or so, after drinking too much I've definitely wet the bed involuntarily; both with wearing diapers and without.

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    I'm not a heavy drinker, so I've never experienced this. I do know that people can get drunk enough to not know when they are peeing...I've seen it...

    I've always wondered what it'd be like to involuntarily wet the bed. I've woken up before and needed to pee really badly, so I just went in my diaper instead. But, that was a conscious
    action, though.

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    Never happened to me, I always go before I go to bed regardless of how drunk I am and will wake up in the middle of the night to do so or just wake up dry. It seems no matter how much I drink I can still wake up dry.

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    Before I became incontinent I never wet the bed from being drunk. However I did once wet myself at the front door just as I got home.

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