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Thread: How do you react to criticism and insults?

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    Default How do you react to criticism and insults?

    I consider what I like to be a bit weird at times, and sometimes people have hated on my likes and interests in some way or another.

    I am quite sensitive about people hating on what I like and usually feel upset and disheartened when it happens.

    I am not a reactor however; I have a personal rule of not going on the defensive and act upset or angrily when someone says something I donít like.

    For example, on YouTube somebody said on a video that all people who like this video are fags. Some people responded to this and got angry and upset by the comment.

    This wasnít the best way to deal with it in my opinion, even though I take things like that and get offended I donít then get angry back or find some way of insulting his or his or her interests or anything like that back. I either find a way of discussing it in a mature fashion or if itís 100% trolling leave it be, and donít give this person the satisfaction of a response.

    What about you?

    How do you take criticism and insults?

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    I find criticism hard to deal with - I got plenty of it during my childhood and I think it's left some emotional scars that haven't healed. I'm usually too upset about it to respond in any way.

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    I usually listen to them and think about what they said. I use it as a tool for me to improve myself or my work. It rarely hurts my feelings.

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    Face-to-face criticism and insults are very different from online criticism and insults. The ease and anonymity of the internet greatly amplify the affects of haste, ignorance, and misdirected anger. Put another way: People just say a bunch of stupid stuff. Sometimes... often!... I wonder why people use their time the way they do. Is it really that worthless? C'mon. Life is short! For instance, I'll wager that probably 20% of all comments on news stories on CNN are subtle variations of "It's Obama's fault," or "It's Bush's fault." What's more, there seem to be quite a few people who go there only to respond in that way, and they do so multiple times on the same article. In one instance, I was carrying on a reasoned argument with somebody in the comments section of an article, and was repeatedly interrupted by some random guy writing "God hates fags!" I couldn't imagine what that even had to do with the particular story. It was just some guy with time and anger on his hands splattering nonsense all over other people just because.

    I know that's not really answering the question, but I guess what I'm getting at is: Conversation on the internet is generally of extremely poor quality, and I have a hard time taking most of it seriously.

    Now, if we're talking face-to-face, that's another thing. I'm not particularly confrontational, and I'll admit that if I hear something I strongly object to in an exchange between two other people, I'll generally leave it alone. On the other hand, if it's directed at me, I won't hesitate to stand up for myself. I try to be reasoned about the things I say and do, and so I'm usually prepared to offer that reasoning. If I'm not, then I'll admit it.

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    I can't really vote on this poll due to the fact criticism and insults are two very separate things in my book, and none of the choices in that context work for how I would respond.

    For criticism in general, ya kinda take it how it is on a case by case basis. I have one friend that criticizes everyone and everything for the slightest things and I usually get ear fulls. I take them with a big grain of salt, and my usual "Your objection is noted" which she then criticizes haha. Criticism I find useful or actually quite true, I'll take it.

    Raw internet nonsense (youtube comments, the like) best to ignore.

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    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, don't let people disagreeing with you get you down. I'm seeing everyone butt heads over politics right now, even getting nasty, and it's sad that people can be so insensitive and intolerant. In Bhuddism it is said that every conflict is an opportunity for self discipline. Next time the haters try to get you down, consider it a learning experience as to how to be above their pettiness.

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    Most of the time, I try to control myself. But if I fail, I get super defensive and angry super fast.

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    I react to criticism quite well generally, IF it is constructive. I can take constructive criticism on board and learn from it. Hey that's what it's there for. Criticism for the sake of criticising someone however, I do not react well to. I tend to go on the defensive and argue my case If I'm adamant i'm right. Don't get me wrong, i'm open to the opinion of others, but if I feel like I'm being criticised for no apparent reason, I struggle to take it.

    When it comes to insults however, it depends on the context really, for example, if my friends insult me as a joke, then i'll just laugh it off or throw one back. It's all generally a bit of banter between friends. But if someone's insulting me to hurt me if you will, I'm pretty good at ignoring it, as generally the people who insult me are those who I don't like, for one reason or another. This is different if someone insults my family, or close friends for example, which would generally wind me up and I'd usually say something back in this case.

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    Im afraid i don't take criticism very well, especially if its coming from somebody i don't respect or they feel everything they do is always perfect.
    I become defensive, and point out a large splinter in the attackers eye after he speaks of my splinter.
    If im wrong, i will soon after apologize, i can apologize and do not think im close to perfect.
    Im a good mannered person so if somebody insults me i compare myself to a Japanese person.
    My honor is at stake so i can dish it as good as i can take it.
    Im rarely in a position to receive insults though.

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    For me it depends. I can accept criticism fine but I don't like it when people say I am something and then act like I am not that. Why give me a compliment and then start criticizing me over it? That be like me telling someone "Hey you have a very nice belly but it's so ugly." Maybe bad example but I think you know what I'm trying to say. That is what it sounds like to me when someone compliments me and then they start criticizing me contradicting their compliment.

    As for insults, that also depends. If I know someone is trying to hurt me, I just ignore it. Some people love to insult people for the heck of it and when I see them doing it to others and I know they are known for doing that, I don't take them seriously. Plus if someone is dumb and they insult me, why even bother reacting to it? Their insults are usually dumb making themselves look dumb. But some people don't even care if they are doing that to others or not because they still like them and respect them and don't think anything different of them.

    If someone wants to hate on parenthood or on Titanic (the movie from 1997) or hate on anything I like, I don't let it bother me, they are entitled to their opinion. But I think if they full well know you like something and they start telling you to your face how much it sucks and how bad it is and hate on it, then I think they are doing it just to upset you but I ignore it if it happens to me.

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