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Thread: Anger?

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    Default Anger?

    Do any of you other Sissy/LG/Trans girls/boys find yourselves getting angry at ridiculous stuff?

    Like not really at people or others, but inanimate and random stuff? I thought the route of my anger issues what holding in my feeling and problems but since coming out as trans, talking about my dad's passing and my childhood I had hoped this "anger" would pass but it's not, it did for a few weeks but now it's just as bad.

    Like today my internet acted up and i screamed and ranted til i felt light headed and my chest hurt, a mod on here moved my last post and I almost cracked my laptop, I forgot to turn off the stove today and threw the pan into the sink breaking a plate and glass because of it.

    So does anyone else have an issue with anger? How do you all deal with it?

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    Sometimes when I am already feeling a little depressed, things can set me off really easily. Like if my computer takes more than a few seconds to start up, or if I accidentally scratch myself or even if it's just raining or too hot out. For me, I think it's more an issue of being so down in the first place, since it makes me so prone to 'go off the handle'. Of course, sometimes I try to do things to feel better, and then they just make me feel worse, and that really sucks.

    I've found that physically getting outside into the sunshine, and also going to visit friends (instead of just talking) and doing things makes me feel a lot better. Also, with some of my hobbies (like bass-playing), when I reach a certain milestone or something, like when I think I sound a lot better than I did before with the bass, it makes me feel really content for a while. If all else fails, I just go to sleep and hope things are better when I wake up. :/

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    I don't have an anger issue but I am quick to anger, sometimes over the most trivial of things. It takes me a while to calm down too but I need to be in solitude somewhat to do so.
    The last time this happened to me my friend jumped to conclusions about my attitude.

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    lol yep i think anger issues run in my fathers side of the family. I just go for a drive or i eat something sugary and yummy :3, i punch a door frame once.... kind of hurt lol. I learned years ago to not brake stuff over anger.

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    Thanks Whitefox, you said several more things that get to me. I do need to start being more physical and get out more, right now I think I spend 90% of my time sitting in my room again, I was doing little things to get me up and at least outside the past few months but I fell out of that habit when I cam back home last month from my trip.

    Living in the sticks I think is starting to take it's toll on me. Thanks guys ~hugs~

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    Default Anger?

    I sometimes have anger issues, but I know the that stems from my depression. I've noticed that when I'm feeling more down than usual, I'm more intolerant of other people and things that go wrong, leading to anger and frustration.

    So, kinda, I guess...

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    I used to when I was younger. When I started hormone therapy (testosterone) I was warned that it might cause anger issues but it hasn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonKiba View Post
    lol yep i think anger issues run in my fathers side of the family. I just go for a drive or i eat something sugary and yummy :3, i punch a door frame once.... kind of hurt lol. I learned years ago to not brake stuff over anger.
    I tend to slam doors myself when I get angry, and I used to break all kind of things in the past when I got angry but I learned to hit things that are not prone to breaking

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    I do have some anger issues. Am too much hiding my feelings in everyday life, so too often I'm "getting too much steam" and then I feel I'd be too glad to start some destructive activity. Which I usually don't. :/

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    I very seldom have anger problems, but I am working with a young trans who does and much of it is not being able to express other emotions, so the default is anger. I think it is a male in our culture thing, sadness, frustration, sorrow... are not cultural acceptable, but anger is. This also comes out of depression and needing a way to release.

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