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Thread: How many diapers do you wear daily?

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    Default How many diapers do you wear daily?

    I normally wear 1 or 2 depending on when I put the first one on, how many do you use a day?

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    I can wear up to 3 a day. Since I don't use mine for messing in it depends on how many times I have to poop in potty. If I pee a lot I will have to change twice.

    I always change into my night time diaper around 9:00 pm

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    On average I'd say I wear about three a day, sometimes more, occasionally less.

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    3-4, when I have a steady supply. I don't like to sit in wet/messy diapers for too terribly long (unless I'm sleeping); it's not uncomfortable, just... weird.

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    Well I've only started wearing diapers in the last month, and I probably wear 1-3 a week .. lol

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    If I wear 24/7 I go through 3-5 over a 24 hour period.
    Sometimes I wear 24/7, sometimes just at night, sometimes I only wear a few in a whole month and have do deal with changing my clothes, washing bedsheets and little sleep.

    IF the NHS ever decide to sort me out with diapers again, I will be wearing them all the time, if not I just hope I have enough and deal with what I have as best as I can.

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