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    Ive been an abdl for a VERY long time, so i was wondering if someone could elaborate as to why people are so obsessed with taking crotch shots? guys mostly. I mean in my personal opinion, wouldnt it be better to show off the whole diaper, I think the back of a diaper with the crinkled up leg parts going up looks super adorable, but even just a butt-shot seems awkward to me, like im just curious as to why there is this large obsession with crotch shots among men?


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    The simple answer is that it focuses on the item that many of us are interested in. In addition, they're essentially anonymous, since it's pretty hard to identify someone from just that area of the body. I think they're so common because it's the nexus point of something we can't see everywhere else on the Internet and maximum privacy while still showing something. I don't think there's that many that would rather see a crotch shot over a nice full body image showing someone doing something, whether cute or sexy as their interests dictate, but for a lot of people, the crotch shot is better than nothing, and so we see a lot of them (except here, where we don't want them other than in reviews).

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    My guess is that it's what Trevor said coupled with poor photography skills. Does anyone remember the MySpace shots - mirror and the flashlight on their camera? That was just as bad.


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    ditto, to what Trev' said, and adding that many who do take pics of themselves never develop the photographic side of things any further than that or any more than those few 'crotch-shots'.

    i've been doing my own pics for about 12 years, now (discounting the analogue films that never got developed), but i've still got lots of crotch-shots and shall continue to capture that perspective as it is a perspective, and one that's rarely seen by the self-photographer and by other viewers. there are more reasons to justify a 'crotch-shot', but the sad fact is that most people sully any good intention and aesthetic by producing crude and rude 'junk' (using 'junk' loosely and allowing for punningness) or by interpretting innocent views in the dim light of their own perversion.

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    hmm, how eye-opening 0_o I mean I understand completely but I often dont even like taking pictures of my own crotch, I just feel like its lacking in depth, and this is speaking purely from a humanistic aestheticism kind of thing, because i am no photographer or artist lol i mean im a musician but aesthetic sound differs from aesthetic sight lol

    Ive just always wondered why I see so many crotch shots of really decent bodied people who could be showing so much more lol In my humble opinion, i just dont see personality in a crotch shot XD lol

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    I of course dont mean all crotch shots, i mean they do have their place in a photo album, but for someone to have an album that is NOTHING but crotch shots just leaves me bamboozled lol (love that word)

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    As a DL, I don't like crotch shots. My subject of interest, the diaper, is purely cancelled by the pure unatractiveness of the presentation.
    Especially if it's a hary fat man in a saturated and dirty diaper. It's revolting more than anything.

    As a photographer (used to do it semi-professionnaly), I prefer to have pictures with a context. The diaper don't need to be necessary the diaper though.

    Like it was said, I think those "crotch shots" are a mix of a lack of photographic skills, exibitionnism and some combination of other twisted mental issues.

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    It used to be cliche for guys to show wet crotches in photos, but now even girls show off their crotches in photos. Like one poster already said, it focuses on the most interesting area. I believe what makes the difference between creepy and cute is the quality of the photo, and whether or not the person in the photo has taken lengths to look "attractive" or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob111 View Post
    As a DL, I don't like crotch shots. My subject of interest, the diaper, is purely cancelled by the pure unatractiveness of the presentation.
    Especially if it's a hary fat man in a saturated and dirty diaper. It's revolting more than anything.[snipped]
    I recall reading on another site where the debate about crotch shots got involved that a few people found the juxtaposition of a hairy, particularly masculine appearance with a diaper to be appealing. I guess one could probably say that about most anything but it was a vocal minority against the tide of people requesting that the subjects at least shave prior to taking the pic. I'm not very image-driven but I look from time to time. I'm not bothered about those that don't appeal as I can just move onto the next or go find something more interesting to do.

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