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Thread: Hello, folks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreepE View Post
    Name's CreepE and stuff.
    Hiya CreepE, Welcome to ADISC!

    Heh... probably not the best name for a site like ADISC, but as long as you aren't CreepE, then we shouldn't have any problem. It might put some others at ease though if you told us a little more about yourself. What brings you to this fine website? What interests do you have, either ABDL related or non or both? I mean anything about you, really... do you have a job? In school? Plans for the future? Interesting factoids about your life?

    It is easier for someone to find something in common with you and can be the start to making great friends here on ADISC. I look forward to learning about you and really hope you enjoy your time here on ADISC. Welcome again!

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    LOL yeah! CreepE!!!

    Don't be afraid.. we won't bite!

    Is your name a Minecraft reference? hehe

    "The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes."- Mysterious Voice

    "But don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of all."-Mysterious Voice

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