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Thread: kids pick the president of nickelodeon

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    Default kids pick the president of nickelodeon

    So my son was very excited about geting to vote on this, he voted obama (several times) and in the end obama won 51-49%. But what I'm wondering is, did they send a letter to barak telling him hes now the president of nickelodeon? Does he get a plaque? What if he looses the us race? Will he still be president of nickelodeon?

    These are the questions that keep me up nights.

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    I remember when I was in 2nd grade we did a "Kids Voting" thing. Even then I thought it was kind of stupid, and when they announced the winner of Kids Voting everyone applauded. I read CDB instead.

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    We did kids voting in elementary school. I remember voting for Clinton when he ran for his first term, and he won in the kids vote nationwide. I'm sure almost all kids just vote for who their parents would vote for, so maybe it's actually a somewhat accurate way of predicting the real race. But shouldn't it be against the rules for a kid to be able to vote more than once?

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    I wonder how many of these kids followed in their parents footsteps. I was raised my by single father though I did visit my mother sometimes and still do. But my dad is a republican and I do see that it has influenced me but realizing that I do try and weigh all the options/plans given. Its just odd that parents can willingly imprint their kids minds with their political views. I know it happens to kids of parents who don't try to impress their views on their children but whatever.

    As for the kids voting more then once it was Nickelodeon, what do you expect? Of course this could give kids the wrong idea ::COUGHS:: Acorn ::COUGHS::

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