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    Hey all, I think this is where this belongs. I'm going to the Boston Aquarium this weekend with my girlfriend. The good news is that they have two family restrooms in case I need to change, which makes my day a little more worry free so we can just have fun. I do have two questions though, is anyone familiar with the aquarium and do you know if they do bag checks? Usually my gf carries the diaper bag, but if they do I might just put the essentials in her purse, but it would still be embarrassing. No worse than airport security though I guess. And is it a nice aquarium? Thanks all

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    I believe they do check bags at the door. Atleast the last time I went they did. It's a pretty good aquarium are you guys going to see the sea lion show? that's always fun

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    Yes they do bag checks. None of their business why you have diapers. They see it all the time.

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    Ok cool thanks guys. I'll probably just put a spare diaper or two and wipes in her purse then. I doubt they'll ask or say anything about it, but you're right, it isn't any of their business!

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