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    Oh boy how I dread introduction threads, but I guess I have to don't I?

    "Ever since I was young I refused to see the world as it should have been. I had a crazy, wild imagination. I would find adventure in any situation and because of that as I grew up my imagination was heavily hit by reality. Though it never went away and there it laid in the back of my mind hollering at me. Unable to contain it I had to let it out, but what good would that do? I couldn't run around the streets pretending I was a superhero. While it was a dream come true to a child, I now knew that it would have repercussions. So now what? I let my imagination free, but with nowhere to go.

    My imagination was still in my head, but it was less restrained than before and with that freedom it started to change things. My thoughts, my ideas, everything took on a different perspective. While my imagination was busy building away this new world a wise old man came strolling through my mind and took a look around. He stopped for a moment and asked "Who are you in this place?". I was stunned, not that there was someone walking through my head, but that in the great world that was in my mind I didn't know who I was. There were never any mirrors because I knew what I looked like, but that was on the outside. Where physics controls and contorts the world to its design. In my mind there were no laws of physics, I could do anything I wanted. So why would I think that I was just an average human being when I could be anything that I wanted?..."

    Well that is sort of what happened, but I leads up to the same conclusion. What could I be? Yes, it would be cool to be a super hero or an alien, but those things have pros and cons and unfortunately the cons won. I found one day, while I crept through the internet, the furry fandom. For some reason or another it drew me in and became the basis of who I was in my mind. Aspects from all around came into my mind as I slowly built up my character and one of them just so happened to be diapers. I'm not sure why diapers, but I guess because they remind me of what it was like to be a child with an infinite imagination filled with endless possibilities and no limitations.

    The whole problem was that this character yearned to get out, but how could I let it. It was in my mind only because it couldn't exist in the real world, but as a grew up I found that there were others like me. Who express this inner persona in the real world.

    I recently moved to the other side of the country and decided to have a fresh start to life. I grew more informed about aspects of my person that became aspects of my life. I have been working on getting my self out into these worlds. I have slowly been working my way into the local furry community and now I'm starting to reach out into the diaper community.

    My name is Dexter and it is a pleasure to meet you all.

    See this is why I tend to not like doing introductions, I tend to ramble a bit. If you think it's a pain to read, try writing it.

    Edit: I guess I should have actually talked about my self a bit too. I am an engrineering student. I guess you could say I'm a nerd, but I really don't follow that stereotype all that closely. I'm really into making things by hand. I make anything from clothing to handbound books. I enjoy all kinds of music from dubstep to classical as I play various instruments. I play rpgs and oldschool video games (mostly because I'm to broke to buy modern games and systems). I guess I should have read some replies to other long posts mainly the one had said "This is a intro thread not a life story thread", but I put in too much effort to just delete everything I wrote.

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    Well good to meet you Dexter!
    And your intro is great, shows some of your personality.
    But you should share some of your hobbies, or just things you do for fun.

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