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Thread: How do I get my parents to get me a diaper without treating me like a baby?

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    Default How do I get my parents to get me a diaper without treating me like a baby?

    I'm a diaper lover but I haven't been able to get a diaper since I was a baby help???

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    I had this fetish since I was 6

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    Don't you have your own income yet?

    It's unlikely your parent will want to baby you.

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    I dont want to be rude but I'm 18, living on my own and buying my own diapers with my own money and I have been buying my own since I was 16 when I got a job at a landscaping company

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    I doubt your parents would want to do either of those things. I would suggest finding a source of income and buying diapers with your own money, since you're old enough to work. If you don't need diapers to function normally in society then you don't need to ask your parents to buy them for you at the age of 21.

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    You are 21. Why not get them yourself? I've been buying my own since I was 15.

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    Ok. Bla bla bla. Sure I'm 21 but my YOUNGER friend told me to ask on this site (don't ask how old he is) sorry if I didn't go on full details. Tell me how. Don't say BUY IF FOR HIM bla bla.

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    The thing is if 21 years old and not mental disabled or have medical problem with control yourself then they’re not going to buy them and however there not going treat like baby your growing man. So the only suggest is buy them yourself if 21 years old you should have some kind of income.

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    I'm not sure why everyone is failing to read the the OP DOES NOT want to be babied?

    On another note, if you are asking for a younger friend then you need to be more specific. Nobody can give you any advice if they don't know the circumstances.

    Also, there is no need to be rude by adding the "blah blah" into it

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    Tell him he needs a source of income to buy them himself, get a prepaid visa gift card and order online.

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    "Blah blah your 21 yada blah income" i hate those post's... You know what... I want to delete this post. Everyone here is going (blah blah buy it for him) its NOT going to happen. Tell me HOW to tell him and I will copy and paste on chat...

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