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Thread: Internet Explorer Problem

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    Default Internet Explorer Problem

    OK, as I've mentioned on other threads, I'm stuck with Internet Explorer as a browser on this company loaned computer I work and check out popular websites on during the day. I keep having problems with certain sites and the problem is somehow tied to IE. The problem mostly comes up on Youtube, but has also occurred on Yahoo and Ebay. The problem is this: the program stops running and an Internet Explorer box comes up which states:

    IE has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close.

    The following add-on was running when this problem occurred:

    File: Flash.ocx

    Company Name: Macromedia, Inc.

    Description: Macromedia Flash Player 7

    I've been putting up with it, but it gets annoying at times when it pops up more often. There may not be anything I can do about it because so many controls and locks have been added before the computer was loaned to me. However, thought I'd check with ADISC's computer experts to see if there's a way to stop this from occurring. Does something need to be enabled or disabled? Thanks for your kind assistance!


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    Time to update Flash. Flash 7 is ancient. Try installing Flash 10 and see if that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    Time to update Flash. Flash 7 is ancient. Try installing Flash 10 and see if that helps.
    That's the problem, Chevre. They've got this computer fixed so only the IT department of the company can install anything. I'd love to have a better browser, but I'm stuck with IE. Do you think by disabling Flash 7 the problem would go away? I can at least do that, but don't know if that would effect being able to view vids on youtube. When it comes to computers I know very little about how to diagnose problems. I just know how to use the programs needed to do my job.


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    That's insane O_O. Your IT guys sound like the ones here at school -- they need to be replaced!

    Contact them and get them to update flash. like said, Flash 7 is old skool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm3 View Post
    That's insane O_O. Your IT guys sound like the ones here at school...
    You're not kidding, mm3! Oh, there's a name most people in my work group refer to them by - "Computer Nazis"! They want to have every little thing under their complete control. Then when something isn't working you have to wait until they can get around to fixing it.

    Our CADD system used to be independent of the company's computer network, and we had our own coordinator which kept it running smoothly. Then, to save money, IT was allowed to take it over to eliminate the coordinator position in our group. Now we're at the mercy of the company's computer network and people. If something goes wrong, it can take us offline without warning as well. Not too good if you have a rush job to complete. That's where I'm glad I learned drafting the hand drawn way from years ago. If the system crashes I can still get out pens, t-square, and triangles and draft by hand in a pinch. Something some of the younger guys who only learned CADD drafting don't know how to do. The computer might crash, but my hands won't!


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    There's no possible reason I can think of to keep running an outdated version of Flash.

    I mean, the IT guys at my work are just as bad, but at least they keep the software up to date. My only beef is they don't push updates properly, so every Wednesday morning after patch Tuesday, I will return after a morning meeting to find my computer has restarted itself! Yay! <_<

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    Loaned to you?

    In that case give you self administrative access(really easy to if its just a separate passworded account) and update it.

    Though if your tech people actually check it that would be a bad idea.

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    This computer was loaned to me 2 years ago. I guess Flash 7 was the current version at the time they (IT) loaded everything on it for me to use? To get it updated I'd have to take it back over to the plant. They probably do update all the office computers that are part of the company's intranet. Since I'm offsite and stand alone, taking it back over is the only way to get updates. Who knows how long I'd have to wait to get it back if I do, and in the meantime I'd have to commute back and forth to use the office computer I normally connect to remotely from home. Not sure it's worth the extra time and commute cost just to eliminate an annoyance.

    IT would never give anyone an admin password unless they were in a position where it was needed. Even though I'm offically a company retiree, I'm also just a contractor borowing company equipment for company business. They definitely aren't going to give a lowly contractor admin rights to mess with one of their computers.

    Sounds like you've all diagnosed the problem for me - Flash 7 needs updating. Wish it could have been something I could fix myself, but I kind of figured IT would have to be involved. I do appreciate all your input.


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    You know, there is maybe another option. . . Laptops are pretty cheap and are likely to continue to drop in price as we get into the holidays. Not as good as free, but it would be alot better performance.

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