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Thread: Breathable adult diaper your option

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    Default Breathable adult diaper your option

    I got some new breathable adult diaper there actual comfortable with wear them pair normal adult diaper that does not breath with heat. The only problem worry about is odor control has anyone had problem with this type of diapers.

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    I find I have to wear plastic pants with them otherwise it all just seeps through, which totally defeats any breathability they have.

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    I wear Attends Breatheable during the day. I like them real well. I also haven't had any leaks. I just tried some samples from Abena.

    They were the premium style. The Abri-form Premium Super M2 which I liked. The Abri-form Premium X-Plus M4's which I didn't care

    for. I don't like all that thickness between my legs. I do a lot of walking during the day and with a little wetness makes it uncomfortable.

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    [QUOTE=Poohbearboy;957153]how are if wet on your side will they leak.

    I don't sleep in mine. I wear plastic backed with plastic pants. I'm also a side sleeper.
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    They are only breathable on the sides, but there are times when they are appropriate.

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    I've got VlesiSlip compact with the breathable sides (they do them now) - it's like comparing a greenhouse on fire with a fridge. The rest of the nappy is plastic backed but the sides have a breathable plastic mesh and it really is noticeable. It's comfortable to wear in bed, a lot better than paper/clothlike covering which is bad for heat I find. There hasn't been any leakage either which surprised me pleasantly.

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    They are good for out in public, and when it's hot so I like them. At home though I prefer a traditional plastic backed diaper. But I always keep both on hand.

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    I find that leak if you’re lying on your side so not going get anymore because I am a side sleeper.

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    I haven't worn any breathable disposables, but I'll often wear cloth diapers without plastic pants over them. Of course, I can't really use them this way, but it's often nice just to have a padded butt without the heat/sweat.

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