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Thread: my girlfriend and diapers

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    Default my girlfriend and diapers

    I bin dateing dating this girl for about a year and 2 months ago I told her about me Being a AB. She head a open mind about it. At furst she would diapered me and chang my wet diaper. Than she try a diaper on and know she like it and she would like to try a roll play or a playdate. are thar whas to tell win I'm pushing it too faer. I wont to eaz her in to it not to push her in to it like I did with my x wife.

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    Well if it was me I would let her take the lead you know do what she wan'ts to do let her set the pace.

    You do not have to take my advice I just thought I'd put it out there.

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    that good advice. she telled me why she think she took up the AB lifestyle. Win she whas growing up she loved to play with dolls. She play with doll up to the age of 15 than her parints maed her give it up saying she giting too old to play with dolls any moor. Win you think about it we all try to hold on to are chilledhood. sume moor than others. LOL

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    Hey glad it worked out and, I hope you two have fun.

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