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Thread: Funday Pawpet Show

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    Default Funday Pawpet Show

    Does anyone else watch this?

    Curious whether I'm the only one who devotes 4 hours to watching grown people play with hand-puppets.

    Pawpet website
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    I don't think we get than one in the U.S. The U.s. scifi ended Dr Who, but I just saw online that they are continuing with a new Dr. Hope it's as good as the old one. Sorry to take you off track. Surely someone must watch Pawpets, though you would think it would be the Dogboy, watching his own kindred.

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    dogboy, it's a web based show.

    I link to them on my website, I don't tune in religiously, but it's a great show! They spend a lot of time on it, and they do a great job!

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    I've seen parts of it a few times. I like it. I don't watch the whole thing though.

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