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Thread: any nappy lovers from scotland?

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    Default any nappy lovers from scotland?

    i have been into nappies since i was 6 or so years old, used to steal them from younger brothers and wear secretly. i had my first sexual experience in a nappy. any other nappy lovers from scotland? share stories!!

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    What you're probably looking for are stories (as you said), they're in a different part of this webforum, located right here: Finished Stories - and here:

    There's plenty of folks from Scotland, look around a bit on the forums and you'll find plenty of people that meet your said specifications, my girlfriend is from southern Scotland and I've been there plenty of times before, it's wonderful!

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    There's one i know is from Scottland, won't give out the name thought. I will contact him and see if he want's to talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Hi, welcome to ADISC.
    It was a question lol...

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    This is obviously an intro thread!

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    hi......I'm from scotland, and think i was the person tommy was talking about

    *feels ears*

    i thought they were hot

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