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Thread: Politics and political attack ads- two things I'm HATING right now!

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    Default Politics and political attack ads- two things I'm HATING right now!

    As the election grows nearer and nearer in the US, I've been bombarded by political ads, political visits and road closures due to President Obama visiting my hometown and being the first president to visit since 1912. I swear, I get sick of this- every four years and the ads are getting WORSE!

    I was wondering if anyone else in one of the battle-ground states are as annoyed as I am about ads and politics right now?

    It's been reaching a fever pitch here in Ohio to the point where I am very annoyed whenever I see one of those ads. I decided YEARS ago not to let my TV or news influence me in politics. However, there are those who are uneducated who will take the ads seriously. I do my homework online, study the candidates and read about the issues.

    This time of year, every four years has gotten worse. I can't remember a time where I've seen as many political ads as I have and it's gotten annoying to me. Is anyone else as annoyed by all the ads, political rhetoric that has been on TV lately in battleground states?

    At least I take solace in my DVD collection more this time of year! LOL!


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    theres a lot of ad's here in California too. theres no respite for local politics anywhere. As for presidential at least those are entertaining. Plus Romney needs at least one (two or three really) of the swing states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEsahaettr View Post
    Depends. I don't mind any ad- attack or otherwise- if it's accurate.
    so, about 10-25% of the ads you like.? :P

    Also WildThing you should TOTALLY watch The Ides of March with Ryan Gossling. :P

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    I must admit, I don't even live in the United States...

    However, I see probably on average at least five television advertisements per day related to American politics. For the most part they are attack ads.

    I know more about Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren than I could possibly ever know. And the Romney/Obama ads make me sick to my stomach. We have similar ones here come election time too. I always wonder, do we really want the men and women in control? They all seem to have something to hide. It is all just a matter of who can still stand on their rug after everything is swept under there.

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    Even here in Canada, as a lot of our media originates from "down there", we see a lot of your political garbage.

    <quote>It's been reaching a fever pitch here in Ohio to the point where I am very annoyed whenever I see one of those ads. I decided YEARS ago not to let my TV or news influence me in politics. However, there are those who are uneducated who will take the ads seriously. I do my homework online, study the candidates and read about the issues.</quote>

    If the US is anything like Canada (and I suspect it is in this regard), this puts you in a fairly insignificant group. It basically boils down to:

    - people who's minds are already set in stone and will vote one way regardless of current issues (large group)
    - people who make an educated decision (tiny group)
    - people with no interest in politics, but won't stay home because everyone says "it's your duty to vote".

    That last group is large, and is where the majority of ads are aimed at. Targetting ads at the set in stone guys is pointless, targetting at the educated decision folk is also pointless, so the only group worth targetting are the ones who plan on voting, but don't plan on educating themselves enough to make an informed decision. And of course, for this group, the kind of ads we see have proven most effective.

    Personally I strongly reject all this "duty to vote" stuff. I think people should be encouraged to either:
    - involve themselves in the politics of their country enough that they can make an informed decision
    - abstain such that the educated opinion isn't diluted with randomness

    First one is prefered, but I'll take the second one to going in and picking randomly, or picking based on who the TV made look the worst..

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    Haven't seen many presidential ads here in California. Where I do see them is on ESPN nonetheless. I don't like my sports mixed with my politics! I actually change the channel when an ad comes on. This at times upsets my parents when I turn from a candidate they don't like, but oh well. But presidential ads don't even compare to local elections. Proposition ads are the WORST. "Yes on Prop 30." "No on Prop 32." The thing that upsets me most is when I get ads for people not even on the ballot in my city, but that's probably what I get for living at the edge of congressional and state districts.

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    Have been few (if any) presidential ticket ads here in Arizona, but it seems there is a bombardment of ads for the lower ticket races, more then I can remember in recent years. They are starting to get pretty annoying as well, though I find it interesting the fact that both parties are running ads for a number of seats, I would of thought at least some of them would of been fairly safe for the right. I'm still shocked Carmona/Flake have been putting out so many ads (would of thought Flake would of had it fairly easily, still could I suppose).

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    Okay I'm not lived in US so I can't comment on how Political ads in US.

    As a Third World Countries of course Political ads is even worse in here. I mean recent elections that occurred near me is Governor of Jakarta and I find that quite annoying. We have 6 different candidates and all of them attack each other from legal ways like Banner,Billboards,Posters and even Rumors,Text Messages, Blackberry Messenger(Hugely popular in here). And they use clever ways to hide the meaning. Like one of the candidates(the former governor now) is known for his moustache and one of the other competitor slogan is "Jakarta don't do moustache again"(It is more funny since they make Indonesian word for Moustache an abbreviation but I think you get the point).

    But yeah it is even worse in Second Round of the election now only two left in the original six. And since they were forbid to do an open campaign(like Rally, Banner). The street is not full as the first but the campaign turn into more clandestine one. Like one of the well funded candidates(the moustache guy). They using like Text Massages, Rumors, Social Network, Blackberry Messenger an even NGOs I remember this one. My schooled is visited by one of the NGOs and then our schooled rounded up every 17+ student(I'm not one since I'm still 16). And they gave a lecture about the lack of Student use of vote rights and in the end they urge student to use their vote rights but strangely they were given an fake moustache. I think you get the point.

    Oh yeah and on of the things that intrigues me is that how one man opinion is seem to have a huge impact. I mean this happen when a Legendary Singer and Public Figure talks about the election and he is stated that we should choose Muslim leader. This cause a huge effect although both Governor Candidates are Muslim the other Vice Governor Candidate is ethnic Chinese and Christian. And I also hear about Money Politics is use by one of the candidate but it seems they don't have enough evidence. And yeah that is Third World Democracy

    Oh what happen in 2014 when we choose new president? More ads I think as we have 40 different parties in here!

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    Here in North Texas I don't see many ads. I don't watch the broadcast channel's hardly ever. If they do come on my channel changer has a mute button.

    There's not much of that on Discovery Channel or FSSW.

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