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    Hello my name is jt im a ab/dl from the state of maine im heavy into gaming on pc some of my games are WoW, Diablo 3, GW2

    message me anytime you would like to talk


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    Hi jt,

    Nice to meet you. you need to level up in a week before you can PM. But you can meet people here in your thread. Welcome to ADISC! I like gaming too, I also like cars, and messing with computers.

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    Hey there JT, I also like WOW... I usually play an Undead Priest because... well.. what other mmorpg can you make an undead as a race? LOL!

    Haven't bought Diablo 3 yet because I just finished my new pc. You have to post and participate in the community in order to be able to PM... but it's not that hard. To get +rep all you need to do is try to think of helpful posts.

    It's especially helpful when you can look at all of the angles of someones question and answer it in a special way.

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    thank you guys for the warm welcome i look forward to being a part of this comunity

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    I play guild wars 2 to... on the EU servers tho

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    thanks im looking for good friends that game and that i can game with on gw2 also

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