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    If one were to meet me in person, they would find me rather cold and relentlessly logical, and pragmatic.

    My adult side is this way. I choose to eat alone, I don't like small talk but love philosophical conversations with higher minds than my own, I am highly selective of friends but consider most people in my life (regardless of relation)as nothing more than business associates. I have never payed any attention to social convention past what is needed to function among the rest of society. I do not care about embarrassment, and will even do embarrassing things just to study peoples reactions. This description however, is the complete opposite of my little side.

    My little side is highly emotional, sentimental, and illogical. I think above all it wants to shed every aspect of my public persona. It lacks the reserved nature that I have worked so hard to cultivate. Above all, I think It serves as a foil to my character and acts to give me all I subconsciously crave but which I consciously do not know I want. I think it is designed to compensate for what I lack, and I think that Is why it exists.

    How do you and your little differ, and what do you think it is compensating for? Also, I think it should be stated that understanding one's nature does not give them the power to change it, only to accept it. So to any who would think this understanding the beginning to a way out, I don't think it is.

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    My little me is similar. I deal in difficult and complex issues all day. When I am diapered, I don't want to think of anything above preschool level. But I am pretty social in both personas. I just tend to guard myself somewhat and don't have a lot of close friends. Nobody (except maybe my brother - not sure on that) knows I like diapers.

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    Very interesting. I've seen by a few examples that any persona, including fursonas, are usually something the person wants to be, is scared to be, or just is. Some people want to be more social, so their personas are social. Some people are scared to open up, so their personas are open books (not literally mind you). For some people their persona is an almost exact copy of themselves, usually only looking or acting different in minor ways. I fall between the first and last.

    My teenage self is a logical, rational person who can be caring and yet painfully sarcastic depending on who I'm talking to or what I'm talking about. I usually am not afraid to voice my opinion to my equals or people lower then me, and sometimes even with people of a higher status then me (teachers and other adults), but this is only when I'm adamant about something, and sometimes that something is making sure they're wrong. Yes, I am a bit superficial at times, but a grand portion of the time I'm very complex and deep, and sometimes downright poetic and/or philosophical. Now whether any poetry I make or philosophical ideas I come up with are true or good is another story. I'm also not very emotional, as I was taught to keep any strong emotions like crying from sadness to myself.

    My little side, whether it be just little me or babyfur me, is very similar, yet different in other ways. I tend to be able to work though emotional stresses or trauma in my littler state, because being little tends to be like an emotional catalyst for me. I still remain outspoken and complex, though the philosophy and poetry is replaced by simple wants, needs, and emotion. I'm also a lot less vulgar when I'm little... and a lot harder to get mad.

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