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Thread: What kinds of diapers do you use?

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    Default What kinds of diapers do you use?

    Personally, I use Pampers Cruisers but I was curious as to what kinds of diapers you use.

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    Goodnites or Underjams.

    Diaperedkeira, I realize you're new to the forums. If you look on the index page there's different forums for different topics. You might want to post your threads in the appropriate forum/sub forum in the future to save the staff members from having to move them around where they belong. Helps keep topics more orderly. This, for example, would fall under the "Diaper Talk" forum and will probably be moved there when a mod sees it doesn't belong in "Greetings/Introductions".

    Enjoy your stay in ADISC and be sure to look over the rules and guidelines for posting.


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    Someone beat me to moving it! >_<

    diaperedkeira, please read through the forum rules to at least understand where certain topics need to be posted.

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    *sticks his tongue out at Kraiden*

    Only ones I've had so far are Tenas

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    I just use Assurance there cheap enough to use, and they are ok if you use a stuffer.

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    The forum mods sure seem to pick on you, diaperedkeira

    I'll use anything that's available, and right now that's just drynites so I see no problem in seeing them as the best I have

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    for know i just use depends

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    I am a cloth diaper kinda guy myself. I also like and use Bambinos diapers and Attends disposables too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous kiba View Post
    for know i just use depends
    Same here

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