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    Default Best nemesis

    In your opinion, What's the best nemesis of all time (in games)?

    In my opinion:

    1st - Sephirot (FFVII)
    2nd - Natla (Tomb Raider I)
    3rd - Kefka (FFVI)

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    1. Square Block - Tetris (seriously, this guy could ruin your entire game if you didn't have any flat surfaces or two-wide trenches - buggered me up so many times)

    2. The other truck - Big Rigs (What a champ, let's you win ALL THE TIME)

    3. The other paddle - Pong (he knows what you're up to)

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    1. The other people - Urban Terror, UT2k3, Open Arena
    2. Blinking arrows - Dance Dance Series (just try closing your eyes and make them go away)
    3. My blisters - Marvel Vs. Capcom (ow)

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    1. Bowser- Super Mario Worlds 1 and 2

    2. Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde- Pac Man

    3. Crazy Hand- SSBM

    I don't play a lot of video games, so...

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    1. Sephiroth (FFVII, KH1, & KH2 versions)
    2. Skeith: The Terror of Death (.hack//Infection-Part 1)
    3. Ethreal Queen (Star Ocean: Til The End of Time)

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    Luca Blight.

    "I don't care about breeding. A sword doesn't need a fine lineage, it just needs to be sharp."
    "To end this war? That's a fairy's a foolish child's dream. Even if you kill me and defeat Highland, you won't have peace! You'll have a defeated country screaming for our vengeance."
    "You can round up a million maggots to try to defeat me... but you'll still all just be maggots!"

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    1. Arathas Menethil (a k a, The Lich King)

    2. Illidin Stormrage the Betrayer

    3. Sargeras the Destroyer

    Yeah Warcraft lore villains are bad ass.

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    1.Pyramid Head(SH2)
    3.A tie between Revolver Ocelot and Sniper Wolf. (Metal Gear Solid Series)

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