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Thread: My mother says to me :"Its kind to say hello to other little children, don't be so shy..."

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    Default My mother says to me :"Its kind to say hello to other little children, don't be so shy..."

    I'm little shy so I talk little from myself. I don't speak english as properly as I would like but I'll do my best. So, I've allways known that I'm a baby -real baby then tb and yet ab - but I received the confirmation that I was not alone through a TV show in the 80's. Then it confort me to express myself in this way. I wear diapers each night since my teens and sometimes in the daytime too.I use my diapers for #1 and #2. I although love to read abdl stories and I usually spend one hour or so each day to express my innerchild: play with baby toy's, drink of a bottle, suck binkie, etc.
    I love riding and all stuff that concerns horsies and ponies. I collect MylittlePony toy's. my best english authors are Douglas Adams ( Watership down, ...) and William Horwood ( Duncton wood ). I like sewing to, almost patchworks and quilts. Talking about my innerchild: i'm a preschool toddler that learns potty training with lots of difficulties, so my "parents" decided that I could keep my diapers till I'm ready for potty. In my daydreams, my diapers are often full and the adults around have to check me with lots of humiliating comments. I love when my parents through raspberry on my belly that smells rashcream and after, when they give me a night-night kiss before bedtime or naptime. Then I take my ear and suck my binkie before falling in a deep and sweet dream.

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    Welcome to the site.

    We have something in common. The smell of rash creme is a trigger for me too.
    I'm sure you will meet many folks here to connect with on many levels.

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    thanks for your welcome reply. It's so kind as I expected it.
    concernig rash creme: I love so much all aspects of it, it makes me simply regress: the smell alone and the mix with urine in the morning, after a great night in my diaper; the soft and sliding sensation on my crotch too.

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